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Sorry blur picture . Took this last night , though it's still there in the pond at the bright hour, I'm seriously so lazy to take a brighter picture haha

Anyways the 3 prawns I got from prawn fishing last weekend (@peeciella:090917) - the first prawn died on the same night , second one died the day after & the last one died last night . Worst was the last one turnt pure red , like the prawn we usually eat . Hahahahaha .

Had like a busy morning - 10am drove to Coffee Clinic to have a mothers coffee talk simultaneously interviewing a friend on her business .

Then drove to Pending to attend a vehicle launch but only there for like 15 minutes cause that was all to it 😂 just collect press kit , sit awhile and go . The most brief launch ever hahah .

Work this morning 😊

The dead prawn upside down . I think the fish had fun playing with it lolol also , I'm outside cause I just remembered I have not fed the dogs 😂 sorry my bad . Hahahaha

Poor prawns didn't survive . I think cause we didn't feed them also la . Huh gonna get some prawn feed and do some prawn fishing again . Hahaha figured maybe we should try rearing prawns ... Who knows in the future we got delicious prawns to eat 😎

Went to canai shop last night after dinner to have a chat with my sister , and Xavier was the most talkative . 😂

Xavier : e e . Do you know why animals love to roll in the mud ?
Sister : because they hot ??
Xavier : no !! Because they are pigs !! All animals who roll in mud are pigs !!
Sister : 😳


Xavier : e e do you know why lion take care of the cubs ?
Sister : for reproduction
Me : Noh it's for love sister
Sister : 😳 oh okay for love .
Xavier : yes it's for love 😬


Xavier : e e what animal can climb tree ?
Sister : monkeys !
Xavier : correct ! And you know why humans cannot climb tree ?
Sister : we cannot meh ??
Xavier : no cannot .
Sister : why ??
Xavier : because it's slippery . We climb , we will fall down 😳
Sister : 😳😳 uh k

Xavier : e e you know monkey eat what ?
Sister : bananas ?
Xavier : no ! They eat leaves
Sister : huh
Me : where you see Xavier ?
Xavier : neh the movie with the human in the tree
Me : Tarzan ??
Sister : monkey eat leaves ??
Evans : not monkey la . It's ape



Day 255

Tuesday, 12 Sep 2017

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