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Cameron Highlands Day 1

Airpost ootd - was also wrong move cause since it was pouring rain, the airport's air-conditioned was super cold as well. Nearly freeze to death during the flight, with constant goose bumps every now and then . Had to rely on the warmth of Xavier 😂

Looking forward to our stay at Cameron Highlands later though ! It's prolly the only place I would always love to go back 😂


Tapaoed auntie Anne's pretzel stix cause 1. We don't have this luxury in Kuching 🤤☹ī¸ 2. It's addictive! 3. My go to snack in the West !! 🤤🤤

... & It's going to be a long ride so I tapaoed few sets !

Instagram husband took like tons of picture with this background but he deleted them & only left with this hur 😌

After quick late lunch at Sweet At Heart cafe, situated in between Kea Market - we went for a walk at the market looking at different fruits & vegetables available . 😝 Somewhat looks quite pretty and fresh up here haha .

Then stumbled upon this background at Kea Garden Guesthouse , had to pay like RM 4 total to enter wtf

Cincai la . Looks pretty also even kena block by leaf wtf

Ceiling decoration liddis also can haha

Filled of those expanding ball thingy . Quite pretty, colourful and childish at the same time . It's new though , didn't see this the last time we came . 🤔




Weather is awesome despite the slight drizzle . 😋 18° wuu haha when I first got down the taxi , I swear my whole body felt refresh & the 1 hour plus swirly ride up was all worth it haha

Taken by MIL at the RM 1 per person place . Unsure what the place is suppose to be , I guess they just simply decor it with cartoons blanket and put colourful flowers and expanding balls everywhere , complete with bench for sit down selfie 😂

Papa Bear

Mummy bear share with baby bear

Mother in law bear 😂

Some cheese croquettes - not my cup of tea 😩

Some selfies I stole from husband's phone 😝


Both husband & MIL rest till fall asleep so decided to try this trick to warm up the sweet potatoes I got earlier at the market for Xavier .

Not sure if it'll work like steamer but worth the try 😂

Bad news : I failed at trying to steam the sweet potatoes 😂 so I put the whole cup into the kettle wtf wtf

That was before dinner. During dinner , we wanted to walk a little out to this Chinese restaurants that serves pretty decent food but it was raining 😡 what a coincidence! Ended having mini dinner at the hotel restaurant which we ended up with rm 28 Cantonese kueh tiaw & rm 23 fried rice with vege. Both meals are single portion hur

Fortunately the food taste nice otherwise really have to fake nice hahaha. And they gave quite a number of prawns, scallops & fish fillets into our kueh tiaw đŸ˜ŗ

After dinner I went back up to the room and I shit gold fts

Freezing cold at the moment with temperature lowered at 17° and it's raining. To make matter worse, the temperature is unadjustable cause it's nature air-conditioning.... Just gonna embrace it anyways since I was looking forward for the Cameron weather.

Day 241

Tuesday, 29 Aug 2017

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djjustine (avatar)

djjustine is it cold. how much to get there

1 year ago

peeciella (avatar)

peeciella excluding flights, taxi ride up here is RM 407 . yepp damn cold omg @djjustine

1 year ago

djjustine (avatar)

djjustine so nice. I went genting not sad haha.. enjoy ur trip!

1 year ago

peeciella (avatar)

peeciella @djjustine genting you said as low as 21° isit ? cameron as low as 15° đŸ˜Ĩ

1 year ago

djjustine (avatar)

djjustine ya 21. not nice at all 😞

1 year ago

peeciella (avatar)

peeciella okay can start planning to go Cameron liao @djjustine 😂

1 year ago

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