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March 2019

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It’s always way too much.

January 2019

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10 minutes of sanity was all I had.Who’d have thought wrapping something like this could be so therapeutic.And who’d have thought all I had was 10 minutes.

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The day before the storm...But I will get there, right? Somewhere better at least?

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It’s time to face this head on. Let’s keep this brief. Make this a reminder and always come back to this when you’re lost. This year, I want youto be happy,to forgive,and to *****Don’t worry you don’t have to do all of them, one is fine too, you just need to get better. I know life has been extremely brutal and I’m so so sorry, but let’s keep going alright?Please remember that the ugly person you are inside can change, and will change. Stay strong and be brave. YOU WILL GET THERE!

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