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Haven’t had the chance t start posting anything but I am now officially part of #dayrebrides. ✌🏻 so surreal but yes, life has thrown me a curved ball and my plan t only get married in Year 2022 has now been brought forward so much.

Nonetheless, I am super excited (albeit frustrated at times) for this new part of my life.

Any spare time we have now are all spent on both the renovation and the wedding. Dates have been replaced with venue scouts, ID meetings and furniture shopping. I do miss the relaxing dates where we have absolutely nothing to do and just nua everywhere but at least we are spending our time doing much more meaningful stuffs in building our future together.

My only problem is that I am like the most OCD perfectionist in every aspect of my life and I’m taking so much on myself that I’m sort of drowning w so much work going on at the same time. Definitely have to learn how to let go and just trust HTB to settle the renovation part but it sucks that he has absolutely zero sense for any form of aesthetics and I don’t want our home to turn into some form of badly color coordinated disaster.

Onwards to happier things since my main purpose was to come here and record down our planning for our upcoming solemnisation.

Decided with the HTB t do a small solemnisation party first with our close family and friends instead of rushing to hold our wedding since we might not have sufficient time and funds to do that by end of the year anyway. Or maybe we are just lazy like that. 😂


Venue hunting started somewhere around mid December and due to the crazy schedules that we have during the holidays, we only managed to start visiting the venues after the new year. We were looking for spaces where we can just sort of host our group of families and friends privately with a comfortable budget of approximately $100 per pax. The key was to have the venue private to ourselves so that it would be more intimate in a way.

Some places that we were previously looking at were Hotel Fort Canning, PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance or Ann Siang Hill, Chijmes Prive, Salt Grill and etc.

PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance was really pretty but the private place was an outdoor area and HTB would’ve died with the heatwave. Hence it wasn’t ideal.

The indoor space was too small and they wanted t split us up to two different areas and still allow normal guests to come in so it was definitely a no-go.

We were kind of losing all forms of motivation in looking for the perfect venue in our eyes after searching for so long until one of the marketing people from the Privé group came back to us and suggested the Privé cafe at ACM.

So here we are with our perfect venue in mind. It’s sort of like love at first sight since it was everything that we wanted. Small, cosy, exclusive and chio. Honestly, neither one of us even knew about the existence of this cafe until their marketing people told us about it. We literally went without any forms of expectations and it turned out to be better than any of the other venues that we visit.

So damn thankful when we finally managed to confirm the venue since there were so many things that were pending the venue confirmation.

With the venue confirmed, it was then a mad rush to get everything ready within 3 weeks because CNY was soon approaching and my work will literally take up my entire CNY period, leaving me with no time at all to touch anything related to this solemnisation.


Began searching for a simple white dress when we started for the venue hunt since I thought that it would be the easiest to settle but boy, was I wrong. It was so damn tough. The dress would either be too casual, too sexy, too dramatic or too formal.

The only dress that ever caught my eye was already sold out a long long time ago. The only one that was available was on Carousell at a freaking steep price. I was so undecided then since 1 thought that either the price would drop or I would find another piece that I equally love.

But I was wrong. I didn’t manage to find anything that I liked even after two weeks of scouring everywhere. So I went back t Carousell and it was already sold to someone else. Camped on Carousell for another few weeks since I thought that someone would eventually want to sell this dress but once again, I lost the chance to another fast finger buyer. At that moment, I was literally running out of hope since Jan is already ending. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

And then the most amazing thing happened. One of my girlfs telegrammed me about a posting of a white dress on Budget Brides and it was the dress that I’ve been looking high and low for and it’s available.

*throws confetti at myself*

Damn proud of myself for my never give up attitude and damn thankful for my girlf who managed to find this dress for me! Will be collecting the dress this Friday and I just hope that I will be able to fit in to XS since I’ve been stress eating so much.🤞🏻


Honestly, the most troublesome part of the entire thing was decorations. Because of my event background and also my love for flowers, I am very particular when it comes to decorations. Super indecisive even though I started looking at it after the venue confirmation. Hence I decided t recall my entire group of girlfs to help out w it.

They sacrificed their Friday night for me and we were honestly quite productive. We just tried our best t search for mood boards on Pinterest and Wedding Scoop then went to look for stuffs to buy on TB. #bestbudgetbridetribe

One group was searching for inspiration for decorations while the other was just looking around for suitable hairstyles that I can use on that day and trying it out on my hair.

Managed to find so many things to buy on TB and placed our orders by the end of the night but so sucky that most of the TB vendors were already closed for the new year holidays. How inefficient is that!! Hahaha. But I honestly have no one to blame but myself for procrastinating so much.

Just keeping my fingers crossed since I’m working it out right now with the only available TB vendor to see if she would be able to courier whatever I need but the courier fees are so painful.

Wedding Bands

When we knew that the house was coming soon in July, we started looking for our rings because this was one thing that cannot be delayed since it usually takes awhile to be ready. I don’t exactly think that I will always be wearing my ring because of my sai kang industry and all. So I told my HTB that we should keep our budget within $1,500 for both.

Was looking for something like this from Venus Tears because the design is v timeless and ladylike. But the price of it was ridiculous. Spent a few weekends just going around jewellery to find something that we like and fits within our budget.

Ended up finding our wedding bands in Love and Co!! Bursted our budget a little cause HTB insisted to get something better since it’s a forever kind of thing but I think we are both v pleased w our final selection

Sidetrack a little, why does my hand look so manly as compared to HTB’s??

Now that we are more or less done with our preparations (with the exception of the vows and seating layout) for the solemnisation right after dinner, we can now happily enjoy our CNY. ✌🏻

Day 29

Tuesday, 29 Jan 2019

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