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Travels in 2018

Have been wanting to sit down and pen down the various trips that I’ve been to for the past year but I’ve never got the time to do so. Since I’m now stuck doing my hair in a salon and this will probably take awhile. I shall just make use of this time to write it all down.


Started the year off with the boyf, best friend and 100k in Taiwan. Went to several parts of Taiwan during this two weeks trip - Taichung, Hualien and Taipei.

Highlight of the trip was definitely freezing our asses off in the cold af cingjing home stay which does not have any heater.

Went to so much new places during this trip and explored Taroko Gorge on a road trip with Dar. Hualien is definitely a beauty to behold and everyone should visit that little town because it’s just so peaceful.

JAPAN (MAY 2018)

Finally brought the parents to my favourite country in the entire world - Japan.

We covered the typical 3 cities - Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka - that people would always go in one and a half week. Despite the travelling being a little tiring for them, I was still so damn glad that I brought them out for a good family trip together. It has been so long since we all went out together and we bonded so much over the trip even though they could be a hassle to handle sometimes.



Finally our long awaited trip happened. This has been in the works since ten years ago and I can’t believe that we finally went overseas together.

HCM city might be pretty boring but the girls made it so fun. Ate like crazy, laughed like crazy and nua like crazy. I swear people definitely judged us everywhere we went.

The attractions in HCM city were pretty meh but the food is really good. Some worthy mentions are Pizza 4Ps and Phuc Long tea cafe. Would definitely love t return for them!


Bangkok is sort of becoming like an annual thing with the boyf. We went there again in July this year with the purpose of just heading there for a short relaxation trip.

We did an impromptu road trip once again to Hua Hin and it turned out to be surprisingly fun even though it was so damn hot over there. Clocked many touristy attractions while we were there and one of the coolest one that we went to was this Santorini Park which was damn huge and photogenic everywhere.

Surprisingly controlled ourselves quite a bit and we are so much lesser during this trip but also had more massages as compared to before. 人老了,really need to have more of such trips to recharge mentally.


Went to Macau for a short work trip an stayed in Parisian. I was sick throughout the trip and was so glad that I was able to sit alone on the flight there and back. Didn’t want to get judged at all.

The trip was slightly unbearable due to the crazy throat infection that I had. It was so hard to work and all with it. But I guess this bowl of awesome noodles made up for it.

So did this 蒜泥白肉. Very impressed with the food at North and went there twice during this short work trip. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.

Macau has significantly improved in terms of infrastructure throughout the years and it is a lot more impressive now with all the new properties being opened. It’s so different now to be a tourist there. I should plan a trip there soon!


My third trip this year with the boyf was to the most romantic place that I’ve ever been - Hokkaido during winter. This has been in our bucket list for awhile and I’m so glad that we finally made it there.

Seeing snow for the first time felt so magical and somewhat surreal. I was so happy just to be there even though we didn’t do much at all and we sniffled so much throughout the whole trip. LOL. Yes, we both have horrible sinus issues.

Every single place that we went were so damn beautiful with the snowy landscape. You might not believe it but I actually took this picture in our accommodation’s carpark while the boyf was clearing snow off our car.

The only downside was that it was so slippery everywhere. I literally fell down twice in two days and the boyf had to pay so much attention to drive in the snow in case we skidded or what. Thank god we made it safely back to the city.

We also got fined for the very first time in Japan and it was a hefty $180 SGD fine. We illegally parked outside our last accommodation and was just gone for a short 15 mins. Came out of the hotel w a parking fine stuck under our windshield wipers. Had to go to the police station to sort of report ourselves and then to the bank to pay off the fine before heading back to the car rental place t confirm that we cleared the fine before we were considered to be free men. Haha. What an experience man.

2018 was definitely a year full of travels and I’ve learnt so much just by wandering around the world. I hope that in the upcoming years, I will still be able to travel as much as I like and the wanderlust in me to never die off. Onward to another great year.

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