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June 2019

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開心 shopping part 1 of many

Dear 開心,Meme (Grandma in French; pronounced Meh-Meh) advised us against buying anything for you too early in my pregnancy and she has some good reasons to do so, so Mama and Papa have only just started to prepare for your arrival into this world (you are about 27 weeks now).We are not parents who like to read up or research a lot and we are far away from our friends and families, so you can imagine how lost we are in this "baby shopping journey".

May 2019

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開心 Gougeon is a ..... 👧/🧒

Many who have grown up/old with me would have realised I'm becoming "Mommy Cheong Number 2" haha. My craving for high tea is almost insatiable and, nope, it's not because of baby.I still remember having to sit through mom and her khakis' many #afternoontea sessions since young - memories I guess my lil one gonna have too💕

April 2019

She did not fear...

we've medicalised birth to the point where fear is a normative experience.

Flu remedy🍋🍯🍵//Silly baby daddy ll

Caught the flu bug and my nose has been leaking the whole day today so I fixed this lil remedy I learnt some years ago from a Croatian lady. Peppermint tea with half a lemon and a large spoonful of honey - I swear by it - it's been the best pick-me-up when I'm under the weather.The Mister made me one when he got home too. And when I saw him fussing around my cup in the kitchen....

Happy kicks!

It's almost 110am in Auckland and, around 15 minutes ago, I felt 開心's lil nudges in my tummy for sure ( for the past week, L and I have been placing our hands over the bump at every chance we have and getting startled at every "possible" lil movements☺). These ones I could feel them IN me, without even having to place my hands on my belly!And baby gave papa a good solid nudge before papa drift off into his happy slumber.

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Peacasloft Trios 👌🏻

*posting this a day late because #preggers make you sleepy *

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