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Okinawa Days 3 & 4


Made french toast for all of us for breakfast and it was relished by our dear friend - who sat quietly throughout the meal just gnawing on her eggy bread! Happiness max! Hehe.

On Day 3 we went to check out some pottery at Yomitan and these cuties were the bigger attraction for Ce and I! The kittens were so beautiful! They had blue eyes and Siamese colouring. Couldn’t get a better picture of them though, because they were so frisky!

Behind is the long kiln! We couldn’t do a proper tour in the pottery houses so we just wandered pretty aimlessly around and looked at some of their handcrafted work.

After sampling lots of purple sweet potato products at Okashi Goten (where Ce would cry every time I pop something into my mouth and not hers), we still had appetite for lunch and this is the outdoor area I was hoping to eat at but we got assigned indoor seats. Would have been perfect outdoor weather!

This was lunch - Okinawa Soba. My travel mates didn’t like it so much but I loved the Q of the noodles and the soup had a tinge of bonito flakes taste. This was tastier than the buffet version I had of course, and the pork was sweet and tasty.

There was a nice sea view as we sat indoors to eat because we were near the coast. When we left for Manzamo, we stopped to put on leggings and a sweater for the little one because of the cold wind, and this lil greedy cat came to snoop around and fell asleep when he realised we didn’t have any snacks for him.

Loving the cold winds at Manzamo!

Us at the infamous elephant cliff! Can you spot the elephant’s trunk? 🐘 The sea view was beautiful, the winds lovely!

My travel mates wanted a cup of coffee so we ended up at a pretty cafe with another gorgeous view (back at Okashi Goten) but it was rather empty heh.

Here’s our tea - since purple sweet potato is THE thing here, our desserts all have that distinct purple hue.

The gals with the small little beach just below the cafe, where Baby Ce loved the waves!

This is what the house looks like on the outside...

And where the house is located - near the sea! Quite an ulu location, but a nice quiet one...

So after we got back from the little beach where little miss loved the waters, we wanted to walk to the waterfront near our AirBnB home to let her have another dip. We dressed her in the proper swimwear this time under a set of warmer clothes...

Only to find that there wasn’t much of a beach and the waters were a little murky. Nonetheless, we had a good walk along the ocean, with a great breeze (that lulled Ce to sleep) and nice view.

Sashimi! This is not that common around where we are and it was totally a by-chance-find. The kind host had suggested a good place for dinner and when we keyed in the map code, we were taken to a super ulu, in-the-middle-of-nowhere farmland that had single lanes (probably dirt track) and was pitch black aside from the high beam of the car. It was a little scary because at one point we had a car following behind us and we had to just keep going.

This is all thanks to the weird Japanese GPS which cannot key in addresses because it requires knowledge of the Japanese characters, and only goes by phone number or map code (note: NOT postal code), so sometimes the map code could be incorrect as we found out the hard way!

BUT thank God we managed to get out of there and finally found somewhere to eat in the ghost town that we seemed to be in.

Well, back to the food. We only ordered three dishes, the sashimi, this tempura platter (which we had expected to be larger)...

And this grilled mackerel! The mackerel was yummy, really fresh and tasty, not overly fishy. Baby Ce joined us in our meal because I didn’t manage to cook for her this time, and she was happily whacking the rice and bits of the mackerel, and also some carrot from the tempura, without batter of course hehe.


We moved to our new accommodation on Day 4, but not before this baby enjoyed sometime with indulgent Grandpa who bought a bubble gun from Daiso for her. It was super windy and the bubbles floated away very quickly!!

We checked in at the new place that was very nicely decorated...

With thoughtfully made origami displayed on a shelf...

And tasteful deco all over...

This baby really loved being able to sleep on the bed with me and it was nice and soft.

Yet, the other place though creakier, felt more homey. The hosts at the other place had thoughtfully placed things like bread for our consumption and also different types of shampoos for our choice.

This new place’s host was not so friendly, with many restrictions (and we also never met him personally), and there were no hooks in the bath so didn’t know where to put our clothes, plus lacked cooking stuff!

After checking in, we went off to have lunch, just stopped at a random ramen place and my dad picked four random types of ramen from the machine and we got two dry ramen - one with sesame sauce (not oil) and the other with some sort of vinegar based sauce and the latter was one of my favourites! The two soupy ones were one with a pork bone broth and another with a spicy curry broth. All the bowls were gooood and the noodles handmade, texture was so good! Slurp.

We then proceeded to Shurijo Castle where I was greedy and thoroughly regretted getting the bubble tea. The tea was diluted, the pearls were...not pearls. Sadded. Hence the bad face in front of the castle. Hurhur.

Ce was there too! It’s my first time visiting a traditional Japanese setting and it was surreal seeing what I see in movies come to life, these wooden living spaces...

This is the throne of the king!

And here are some of the foundations of the actual castle being preserved.

We then went to one of their largest malls - Aeon Mall - but barely scratched the surface of the mall, went to get food from the supermarket mainly and indulgent Grandpa of course also bought bread for this lil one and see how she is truly INHALING her bread?

Until asleep. For the second time on the trip! Issit the bread in Japan got sleeping powder? Haha. She didn’t let me remove it at first until she totally KOed. And I had to eat soggy cheese bread. Bleah.

So that wraps up Days 3 and 4 of my Okinawa trip. Two more days to go, which I’ll hopefully finish off tomorrow. Though it’s a backlog, it’s also nice reliving those memories especially since I have a bit of a withdrawal symptom...

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