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I’ve been fretting about what to do for my 10th wedding anniversary. Truth be told, there have been many down moments and I was not quite sure how to celebrate. But God has been faithful these 10 years and that is worth celebrating.

And so, little ideas came into mind and I even managed to rush out a little video, using the vow I made 10 years ago as the basis of the video. I believe all were God-inspired little pieces put together.

So because he had to go for meetings in school today, I decided to surprise him in school followed by a movie date. Thank God for my parents who willingly offered to babysit.

At first I thought he hadn’t forgotten it was our anniversary since we didn’t talk about it at all, but mid morning he texted me about dinner reservations so I sent him the video but didn’t tell him of other intentions.

Surprise! Thanks to his friends the kids and I managed to surprise him at his desk before we left the kids with my parents for the movie.

Gold Class tickets! And can I just say that I LOVED AQUAMAN! I thought the title of the show sounded lame but oh man, what a great character. Loved it. And it was a great show to watch in the comfy Gold Class seats.

Husband kept talking about how A would love the show and was wondering how the three of us could watch Gold Class movies in future. I think that’s cos he didn’t know how much each ticket costs haha.

We then went to Itacho Sushi for dinner with the PEACe Family because Husband says these two are the product of our love haha, so we didn’t continue our date and got my parents to bring them to us for dinner. Heh. Oh the Itacho Sushi picture we took cannot be squared hence this picture instead!

Another picture of the product of our love haha.

Oh and for the record - Ce tried her first lemon wedge. 😝

Her second bite (she wanted it!!) was funny too. Hurhur.

And with this, though there was no huge fanfare or soppy moments, I had a rather enjoyable day spent celebrating my TENTH wedding anniversary. May God continue to be at the centre so the love can only grow stronger.

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Thursday, 27 Dec 2018

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janjazz (avatar)

janjazz Happy Anniversary!!!

3 months ago

peacebypeace (avatar)

peacebypeace Thank you @janjazz ! :)

3 months ago

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