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Okinawa Days 1 & 2

Just past the midway mark of my getaway - let’s see how much I can pen down of my trip so far before I forget certain details!

Let me start right from the beginning...

The pre-flight! It was a red eye flight and Ce was cranky in the cab ride there close to midnight so I latched her in the taxi and it was #achievementunlocked as she continued to nurse when I transferred her to the carrier! First time nursing in the carrier and this top was very discreet!!

And she managed to sleep from 11pm all the way to me being body searched at 1.30am (because I didn’t want to remove the carrier) to take off till landing!

Of course she made noise and squirmed a few times but just latched back to sleep. Was rather uncomfy for me but just glad I did not have a screaming baby on board.

The view on board just as the sun was rising.

🎶 Every sunrise, speaks of Your unfailing love, every nightfall, Your faithfulness...🎶

Truly thankful for this opportunity.


After landing, she was in good spirits and as we settled things like car rental and collection of some pass, she was happily exploring and having her bread until...this. My tamjiak baby eating until she falls asleep again. At first she didn’t even allow me to take away her soggy bread when her eyes were closed 🤦🏻‍♀️ She must have been really tired because I could transfer her into the car seat where she slept and woke up without crying!!

This was our first AirBnB home the first three nights and i have moved to a new place that is prettier but less functional! This cosy wooden home had creaky floors but a teeny bit of a sea view, well equipped with toaster for our yummy breakfasts, a high chair to lock Ce in for meals and toys to entertain her each night. Lots of space in the living/dining area for her to toddle about too!

The hosts were a lovely young couple with a handsome son with huge eyes, just 2 months older than Ce 😍

I was so excited about our first meal. After checking in to our accommodation we were famished and looking for a place to eat. The town we were in (Kin-Cho) was quite a sleepy one and had a very rustic feel. This also meant there weren’t many eating establishments around. We found this place totally by chance and I was so excited to see the typical Japanese sit on the floor setup. Hehe. We didn’t end up eating at this table though.

We had ramen! Quite the typical food here in Okinawa and this was a nice heart-warming bowl. Didn’t manage to take the other food but there was a rice bowl with shabu shabu beef and onions that was slurrrrp here.

This is us outside our hidden find!

I keep saying “us” and “our” so let me introduce you to my travel buddies - two retiree couples 😅 - my parents and their friends hehe. They’re great company and are way more well travelled than me! They help to entertain Baby Ce and she entertains them too...Win-win. Heh.

After some rest on the first day, we did some island hopping. More like an island drive through because all were tired. Stopped by this one and loved the rocks!

We had a nice relaxing stroll along the coast with the really beautiful blue green waters.

It was cool (cold by Singapore standards) and Ce was loving it! The only one without long pants and rocking the weather while mama kept sneezing haha.

Baby Ce was also very happy to interact with the vocal cat hanging about the coast!

Another shot of the beautiful view.


Day 2 saw us at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium/Ocean Expo Park. Really nice that the dolphin (and porpoise) show is outside the paid area of the aquarium, would be such a nice weekend getaway for the locals!


The animal right in front looked different to me at first and we were telling Ce, “Look, dolphins!!” when we saw them being fed in another tank. Then I realised they don’t have snouts! They are porpoises! It’s so cuuuuute! 😍

This one was quite enthralled by the show.

But what really got her were the fish in the aquarium! She kept baby-talking with great amazement in her voice, saying “keeee” which is fish to her haha. No idea why even though she can imitate me to do the “fffff” sound.

That’s us in the aquarium after some baby got sleeeepy and needed to be carrier-ed to sleep!

This is Ce being excited about the mist blowing out from the vents in the walkway to keep cool. It was a hot day and she was also amusing herself with her shadow!


Also noteworthy was our meal at the aquarium - an Okinawan buffet! Not too pricey (about $15 per head) and I got to eat Okinawan food like purple sweet potato tempura and Okinawan soba and other Japanese food like the most tender and moist karaage (fried chicken) and Japanese curry, and also a red bean dessert!

My sad plate because this was already second round and I wanted to try to said Okinawan soba with the chilli alcohol. A local suggested for me to try the sauce and emphasised just a bit, but I couldn’t control the bottle and poured out quite a bit onto the plate (thankfully not straight into the noodles), the local got a bit of a fright, must be thinking I mad. But the spicy alcohol gave the noodles a nice kick!

End of Day 2 reporting and end of Day 5 of my holiday. Last day tomorrow and an early flight home. Sobs. All good things must come to an end.


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