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Here we are, at Okinawa World and I love that there’s a stand strategically placed in front of this structure so you can do timed shots on your own! Heh!

Okinawa World had this traditional show of drums and dancing. Baby Ce LOVED it surprisingly, and apparently more than the dolphin show or the Singapore Zoo animal shows! She really loves music!

The two characters in kimonos are sort of clowns but it’s amazing how comedy is universal even without the use of any language.

Also, within Okinawa World there’s a limestone cave that’s open for visitors (the Gyokusendo Cave) and it’s a very touristy cave with coloured lights in the water to make it look greener/bluer than it is and metal footpaths.

The lil girl was asleep for half of the walk but started stirring after too many drops of (cold-ish) water dripped onto her. It’s a very active cave! And the stalactites grow about 3mm a year!

This is what they call the golden cup. It looks very manmade by it’s a natural feature!

Baby woke up in time to be awed by the atmosphere in the cave!

Had some Blue Seal ice cream, which is the Okinawa home grown ice cream brand. The one on the left is Blue Wave, which tastes of those old school pineapple drinks you get scooped out from the container. The one on the right is soft serve Benimo (aka purple sweet potato) + vanilla, though tasting mainly of vanilla.

Oh we also went to Peace Park after Okinawa World because it was nearby, but quite a disappointment. The Peace Hall was a paid attraction (but we had prepaid for a pass that included this) but it didn’t have much inside at all, the tiny butterfly garden (more like a shed) that was part of the premises was also closed. There were just a few pieces of paintings and the massive Okinawa peace prayer statue. Thus, no pictures there, but the park by itself was a beautiful one.

We went back to homebase quite early that day, and after resting headed to a cafe/restaurant that was a stone’s throw away from home and it was a hidden find! We got to see a beautiful sunset and a beautiful view, a beautiful surprise for us!

Little miss missed out on the view but thankfully she slept throughout the whole of dinner so I could enjoy the feast we had.

Another shot of the beautiful view. I was in awe of it and was glad we got to experience it before sundown. Sun goes down early during this period, almost pitch black by 6pm. This was hence a real treat. I took in many deep breaths of fresh air as I admired the beauty of the place.

We had a yummy feast after the visual feast from the view. It was supposed to be a Thai fusion place and lost in translation, our first dish was more like Japanese curry but tasty.

Then there was Pad Thai! Who would have thought we would be eating Thai food in Japan heh heh.

This was a soft shell crab dish, rather interesting, great when eaten with rice.

And a very sour and spicy tanghoon seafood salad!

Dinner companions! (With baby sleeping in the carrier cooperatively haha.)


Day 6. Sadded. Last day in Okinawa and perhaps the little girl knew. So happy here but just hours before she had a crazy meltdown in the car and couldn’t stop even after latching her. And the poor uncle driving was looking for a parking lot amidst Gokusai, CBD of Naha City. She only calmed down after we parked, I got out of the car and bounced up and down like mad. When she woke up, she acted like nothing happened as usual. 🤦🏻‍♀️

This is a little lane along Gokusai Street, a little like our Bugis Street except I don’t understand why t-shirts are so expensive here in Okinawa! Just a normal t-shirt costs about SGD $24! So I didn’t buy any t-shirt souvenirs back. (Actually I didn’t buy many souvenirs at all because my luggage was full of baby stuff from Singapore.)

This was our lunch treat! We got to sample Okinawa beef (and some pork) and it was SO GOOD. Melt in your mouth kind of good. Slurp.

We then went to the Tomari Fish Market a short distance from Gokusai to breathe in the smell of fresh fish. Even though I was surrounded by raw fish everywhere, the smell was tolerable, in fact, quite enjoyable! Haha!

All sorts of fish. And when Ce saw this she kept saying “eye eye eye” - you can’t miss those huge eyes for sure! 😂

Grilled seafood on sale too, but a little pricey - $60 for lobster so we passed on it.

But we bought back sashimi for our Last Supper in Okinawa Feast! Was super fresh though I didn’t know what I was eating - usually don’t eat so many varieties back home.

What else was part of of feast?

We bought instant noodles, veggies and some meat from the supermarket the night before and the ladies whipped up a meal while the men went to return the rental car.

The shabu shabu pork came pre marinated and was so good with the shimeiji mushrooms.

The instant noodles was also really good - rather interesting because the packets did not come with seasoning powder. When they were put in water, the water just became a nice tasty soup, and the noodles, done al dente, were still tasty, a little like our mee goreng maggi noodles.

Also, I was so pleased with how my fluffy omelette turned out!! We had many unused eggs left from our breakfast so I fried them up into this omelette and I even managed to successfully flip it without tearing any part of it! I had to fold the omelette only because we didn’t have bigger plates, heh.

And so with that dinner, it marked the end of the trip, pretty much so. We had a morning flight scheduled and had to leave the house by 6am the next morning.

Her last frolick on the mat at our accommodation.

Day 303

Tuesday, 30 Oct 2018

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michellemae (avatar)

michellemae She sounds like such a good baby to travel with because she can fall asleep anywhere! All the food looks so tasty 😋😋

6 months ago

peacebypeace (avatar)

peacebypeace @michellemae Haha I think it’s just the tiredness from traveling!! She had several meltdowns from being overtired thankfully not on the planeeee

6 months ago

euniceychaos (avatar)

euniceychaos Wah the food looks so delicioussssssssss!!! 🤤 Yummmmmmmy.

6 months ago

peacebypeace (avatar)

peacebypeace @euniceychaos The one I cooked ah?? Hahaha but yes it was a good holiday of eating... 🤪

6 months ago

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