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Byebye Okinawa, God has been good! 🌈

DAY 7 - Byebye Okinawa 👋🏽

So we got up really early to prepare to go to the airport and I didn’t wake Ce till the end. In fact I tried not to wake her by taking her out of bed and into the carrier straight. Thankfully she didn’t stir and only woke up halfway into our cab ride and was happy! When we reached the airport she was happily walking around, taking “selfies/photos” with my mum’s phone. Here, she’s taking a pic of the cat or so she thinks. Haha.

Made her nap quickly before our flight and managed to get a cheerful picture with her before takeoff! I thought a five hour flight should be manageable but oh man, even though she was generally good and even managed to nap again for about an hour on the plane, the five hours seemed like FOREVER. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without my parents. And also, had to allow for her to be entertained with the phone at times. Really bobian.

Byebye Okinawa, it was nice to have met you.

This post is also to remind me of God’s goodness throughout the trip. Not in chronological order but really those that truly leave me amazed.

Miracle #1: 🚕

We had to return the rental car the night before because our flight was so early. Getting to the airport from our house would be a challenge because it’s quite ulu so there’s nowhere to hail a cab from. Also, most cab companies spoke Japanese only and Grab had not yet reached the shores of backward (but beautiful) Okinawa. Online booking was also a hassle and not all came to where we were.

One morning, my dad said he felt like going for a walk so he took Ce and when he came back he said he saw a cab in one of the neighbour’s houses down the road. It was early so he didn’t want to wake the neighbour.

So after breakfast, I suggested he take Baby Ce (as ice breaker) and we went to the house to ring the doorbell. The lady came out and though she only spoke Japanese, we managed to convey that we wanted to hitch a ride to the airport. She told us to chotto matte and took out a tablet with Google Translate and asked us which day we needed a ride. It was just the next day and as she took out her organiser, many days were filled up but the Sunday we needed her was empty!

Tried to tell her we had five passengers plus one kodomo and she just nodded enthusiastically. I was a bit worried we wouldn’t be able to fit, plus all our luggages but by then, I was convinced - if God provides like that, He will see through it till the end.

And indeed, on the day we were to go to the airport, the luggages fit well in the roomy boot. We all fit in the car as well and traffic was smooth all the way. The price we paid was also way below what many companies offered too.

Can someone please say PRAISE THE LORD!! Seriously, what are the chances we would find a taxi in such an ulu town, one who was free to pick us up and send us comfortably without hassle? Thank You God.

Miracle #2: Zzz 😴

The girl’s sleep was best in Okinawa. On the first night, she even clocked a five hour sleep marathon. It’s considered a marathon for her lor. Haha. She slept mostly in three hour blocks and didn’t scream her lungs out to disturb others. Am very thankful for this!

Also, though there were a few meltdowns, I’m thankful she was able to sleep in new environments.

Miracle #3: Stroll(er) with Me!

Just before we left for Okinawa, we had a zoo visit and that required the use of the stroller, which Baby Ce quickly got the hang of, because it was the best way to travel and see all the animals. Before this zoo trip, when I tried to put her in the stroller, she would fight me with all her might and cry like there’s no tomorrow. I tried strapping her in and pushing her to show we were going gaigai but if I went any further, people would think I was abducting a baby.

But because of the prep of the zoo trip, we managed to put her in the stroller a few times on the trip, making it a more comfortable one, so I wouldn’t overstrain my back with her in the carrier.

And the best thing is, I didn’t even have to bring a stroller!! The Churaumi Aquarium provided FREE stroller service, and the stroller was of good quality and so clean!

The second place we stayed at also provided strollers so we chucked that in the car for when we needed it. So thankful!

Day 304

Wednesday, 31 Oct 2018

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euniceychaos (avatar)

euniceychaos Praise the Lord!!! What a wonderful trip! :)

6 months ago

onshouldersofgiants (avatar)

onshouldersofgiants The taxi miracle is really cool. I was wondering how you managed to babywear Ce throughout the day... so tiring! And yes, we rented the stroller at Churaimi too! Cubs was around Ce’s age when we went 😄

6 months ago

peacebypeace (avatar)

peacebypeace @euniceychaos Such a good reminder of His love... :)

@onshouldersofgiants Haha I think mummies build their muscles progressively according to baby’s weight also!! And these bbs very blessed hor, travel everywhere...

6 months ago

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