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What a Day

“Solo-parenting” again. Managed to whip up anyhow stir fry udon for A and I, and baby version for Ce, while Ce napped. Lunch was pretty well received and my snacker baby had raisins and a baby yoghurt muesli bar post lunch.

Oh and also managed to cover Spelling and 听写 with A before Ce woke up from her nap.

Couldn’t go anywhere so I had to Deliveroo my Blackball - no tea gives me headache. I am a caffeine addict.

While Jiejie has her nap, we are trying to start early on Ce’s FIRST piece of homework 😂

Started with paintbrush but would rather use her fingers. What do you think this will end up being?

Step 2 of the project!

How to entertain both together but ensure Jiejie doesn’t touch Meimei accidentally with her infected finger.

Painted this for A because the poor gal woke up crying because she had dreamt that I refused to play with her. It must have really hurt 😰

Husband thought A could go back school tomorrow and I was worried about how the thumb looks. Convinced him to see the doctor despite him complaining the doctor was just being money driven (for the record he didn’t charge us anything today!!). Doc referred us to the HOSPITAL. So here I am now. But praying God’s peace and healing for my lil A.

Aaaand, all is well. After all of Husband’s horror stories over A, the really sweet young docs assured us they won’t be doing anything because they can sense her finger is recovering after pressing and all. They were also really gentle and understanding and reassuring. And the wait time was definitely not longer than two hours! Thank You God for Your faithfulness and Your peace and Your favour.

Day 48

Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

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jaylowyim Me no time also headache!! Jiayou w solo parenting

1 month ago

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