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Berserk Baby again. Probably over tired so was trying to soothe her to no avail. Husband impatient again and saying all sorts of negative things like “this is not normal”. He then questions me - “Have you put oil on her? Did you ask her where pain?” He Googles and then brings in a hairdryer for white noise.

She is distracted by the noise and wants him to use the hairdryer on her darling giraffe. Tears averted. Great. But I feel so unjustified.

The kids are always so nice to him and hard on me. He’s so entertaining when in a good mood and I’m boring. And all that I’ve sacrificed of course will go unnoticed when they’re older, whilst he will constantly remind them of every little thing he does.

It’s been too draining the past few weeks.

Day 47

Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

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euniceychaos (avatar)

euniceychaos God loves you! ♥️♥️♥️ He sees all that you do and knows exactly what you’re going through. He’s always there for you.

It’s always so frustrating sometimes when our little ones sees daddy as the fun one and they only find us for practical reason: milk. :(

Hang in there fellow mummy!!!

1 month ago

peacebypeace (avatar)

peacebypeace Thanks @euniceychaos...Sometimes...Just don’t know what’s happening. Can only have faith.

1 month ago

euniceychaos (avatar)

euniceychaos Yeah.. sometimes I feel so lost is this motherhood/parenting journey.. I just wish there was like a manual for it.

But these days my Husband and I signed up for “Growing Kids God’s Way” it’s very helpful and biblical in their ways. If you don’t have time to attend a course, maybe you could buy the book to read! I find the class very encouraging because it’s nice to know we aren’t alone struggling on how to raise god loving kids or struggling to be parents who exemplify that.

1 month ago

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