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SAHM no more

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We did some baking today...Fake one though la, just used Betty Crocker premix because that’s as much energy as I can garner to bake. But this girl’s grown much. She can do the tasks independently now - pouring stuff, cracking eggs and filling cupcake liners. She also didn’t give up even though the task of filling cupcake liners can get quite boring.


#1: Buying A’s BreakfastπŸ‘§πŸ»: Mummy, should I get the one with rainbow sprinkles or chocolate sprinkles? Which one does daddy like?πŸ‘©πŸ»: It’s for you so you choose, daddy doesn’t really like.[At payment counter, should get one more cos on discount.]πŸ‘§πŸ»: Let’s get for daddy.[At this point, everyone has breakfast except me. But okay lor always daddy this daddy that. Mummy think of her but no one thinks of mummy.]

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I was just thinking to myself - when will I get my life back πŸ˜‚ The baby (I need to stop calling her that...) is in her independent, “I want to walk” phase and sometimes screams when I put her in the carrier. But when I let her down, she is always up to some mischief or will touch everything she gets her hands on. And yet I was also thinking wah, how come I’m willing to do so much for this little human and not mind I don’t have much of a life??

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Exercise! 🌞

Went for a family walk/jog this morning...To gain more calories from Macs breakfast! Haha.

February 2019

The highlight of my day. πŸ’•

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How Great Thou Art

I just have to record this down, to remember God’s tangible presence and His faithfulness and love.I haven’t been to church regularly because we either are taking turns falling sick or it is not really the Husband’s priority. I also don’t like some negative or judgey comments he makes so I sometimes avoid going to avoid conflict.But I really want to set the right priorities especially for A, so we went to church yesterday.

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