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updated 6 months ago

How does this make you feel? Maybe to some, excited. I was overwhelmed. How can searching for a lipstick be so crazy!!

Today is running errands day while the Husband is happily occupied with mahjong and A is playing with kakis’ kids.

So one of the errands is to get meself a lippie so I can face the working world.

Also, on top of essential stationery from Popular (cos got discount), here are some less essential, frivolous stationery from Tokyu Hands! 💕

Which will go into my new pencil case! Hehe.

And here’s a lunch treat as I prep myself for work in a couple of days. Let’s go, 2019!

Next up - shoes. The same pair I bought two years ago. So boring but they’re comfy and versatile! #justifyingpurchases

And I love this pair of flats! Hope I’m able to keep them clean for a long time.

Day 365

Monday, 31 Dec 2018

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onshouldersofgiants (avatar)

onshouldersofgiants Haha same! In the end I raided my Mum’s stash of unopened lipsticks and bought some cheap makeup from Guardian and Daiso 😬

6 months ago

peacebypeace (avatar)

peacebypeace Hahaha! Yayyy glad to know I’m not alone!! I’ve become a member at Sephora 🙈 @onshouldersofgiants

6 months ago

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