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Blessed 7th Birthday, My Firstborn!

This cake is impromptu because mama’s Qoo10 shipment still in China. Was supposed to get unicorn deco and bake my own cake, but in light that I’ve been busy packing and all, I’m glad I managed this alternative!! It’s a LED unicorn on a rainbow cake. Hehe.

A just woke up and is in a daze, but happy to see her unicorn!

Her standard blow candles face. Haha. Guess her wish! To see a live unicorn. 🤦🏻‍♀️

The “deco” put up for her because she wanted unicorn and I had this stashed away hurhur.

I also got this 2nd gen Polly Pocket for A!! So excited when I saw it - glad that she was as excited as me. What she’s doing in the pic is scratching away at the map to find the secret code to open the box!

The second gen Polly Pocket by Shopkins!

So pleased with her new toy and her free Swensens treat. This mummy cannot stop buying toys tsktsk.

See the signature blow candle face!

Grr. The Dayre square again. I wanted to showcase her pretty shoes (of which one can be seen) and her unicorn hairband heh heh. 🦄 galore!

Dearest A, blessed seventh birthday! Though this year has been more challenging as you attend primary school, I have also seen how you have grown and how your sweetness is still there and your creativity abounds. May you continue to grow to be a beautiful woman after God’s heart. Love you! 💕

Day 295

Monday, 22 Oct 2018

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untraceme (avatar)

untraceme Prolly pocket!!❤️ happy birthday to your Daughter!

6 months ago

janjazz (avatar)

janjazz Happy Belated Birthday A!

6 months ago

peacebypeace (avatar)

peacebypeace @untraceme Thanks!! And you can get it for Souffle next time hehehehe

6 months ago

peacebypeace (avatar)

peacebypeace Thank you @janjazz!! :):)

6 months ago

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