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A’s hands are horribly wrinkled and dotty and there’s a huge wound on her thumb, I am praying she gets well soon. I think she’s tired of not being able to use her hands properly. I am also very cautious of where she places her hands. Grrr. What’s this impetigo thingie about!

On happier news, this morning I tried a new strategy with Ce. Instead of rousing her from her sleep to go to school, I put her in the carrier whilst asleep, transport her all the way to my workplace to turn on my laptop and let it get started while waiting for her to awaken from her slumber. Then, she gets to wander around and I only changed her in the office.

She started getting a little sticky once in the uniform, but managed to get to her kindy without any fuss.

She did her health check without resistance and when I said bye to her, though she cried, she stopped even before she reached the end of the walkway.

And when I picked her up...

老师 said she made huge progress and didn’t cry in school at all!

Okay, save that one moment when she had fallen asleep and the teacher didn’t transfer her carefully enough onto the mattress...But otherwise, PRAISE THE LORD! Ce did real good today! :)

Aaaand, this is one of the activities she did this week! The teacher’s collage a little weird, like I have twins, but hehe looks like she had fun!

Day 46

Friday, 15 Feb 2019

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euniceychaos (avatar)

euniceychaos Yay! Little one learning to trust that you’ll be back for her. They grow up so quickly! 😢

1 month ago

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