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SAHM no more

March 2019

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I feel blessed. Blessed to have colleagues who have become like friends, even though they are all so much younger 😱 And blessed for certain flexibility at work.

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School’s Out

On our way yesterday to meet up with the other half of the PEACe family afer work/childcare (since cc got no holiday haha). Ce and her favourite Stacey!!

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My view on a Sunday afternoon as I solo parent and try to get some work done.Peeved with P for last night. He was so “helpful”, asked me to rest while he practised piano with A. So I turned on my laptop to do work, he lay on the sofa distracted by his videos and I ended up practising piano with A. Him? Totally oblivious.

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🎣 Fishing! / Sweet Aunty 🍉

#biasedmom post coming up:I can’t believe that my 19 month old can play this game!! She was really patient and kept going! So cuuuute!

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