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August 2019

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🧺 Picnic

So we had a picnic today! I prepared my usual picnic fuuuuud - luncheon meat egg sandwiches hehe. Also had a few tuna sandwiches for the baby which she only took one bite of because blueberries > anything else.

Baby is growing up!

#convoswithcerraIncident 1:There’s a Sunday school song whose last verse goes:

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Hehe, glad for opportunities to sneak time in to spend time with her and for her to have new experiences! She was just soaking in the National Day vibes!

Just had to pen this down! #convoswithcerra👩🏻: Cerra, must put on your shoes already.[She was standing on my office chair and began to slowly slide into sitting position.]👧🏻: My legs are coming!Hahahahaha

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Unadulterated Joy 🥰

“Give me a smile before we reach the playground!”

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Unadulterated Joy. 🥰

Helper’s off day so have to entertain the smallest one. But today, the doggie always seems to want to stick with Ce!

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