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SAHM no more

#thankfulchallenge L.O.V.E.

Been busy with the last few days of the BKK trip and so tired since baby, no, TODDLER still gets up at regular intervals. So in a way, I “owe” four days of thanksgiving in my #thankfulchallenge so I shall talk about L.O.V.E.

#thankfulchallenge Day 18: Healing 💜

I have been hearing many testimonies about sickness and healing of late and while I sometimes doubt my own prayers, I have no doubt that God is the Ultimate Healer. Just sharing these stories to remind myself of how amazing God is - plus I actually know these people so that really encourages me.

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#thankfulchallenge Day 16: He Cares For Me.

God cares for me. Little things like this may seem little to others but it meant a lot to me. My baby was the model baby today - latching once we took off and she actually STAYED asleep when I transferred her to the bassinet. She did not even flinch or cry!! I was so so thankful and God was whispering to me - “See, I care for you...”

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HK (7-11 Dec) Recap / #thankfulchallenge Day 15: Family Time

I have not posted more about my HK trip and am about to depart for another place, so just for memory sake, here’s a photo dump of my trip from 7-11 December! This was a trip booked on impulse (with no regrets) because we wanted some cool weather and the tickets happened to be going at a good deal when I checked them out and it was the LAST DAY! So GRAB. Haha. So here goes!

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#thankfulchallenge Day 14: Blessed Assurance Jesus is Mine!

I realised I have been walking around a little antsy, worried about all the Christmas shopping I have not done, more importantly there’s a Christmas party tonight I’m worried about, and I’m worried that sometimes when good things are about to happen, spiritual attacks take place. BUT. I realised what I was feeling and then I declared that God is in control. Jesus has VICTORY and I need not fear. He has overcome, I rest in Him, not in my own limited resources/strength.

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