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SAHM no more

April 2018

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This was me in panic mama mode. Just realised that A is having tests (or exams??) in the coming weeks for various subjects like grammar and vocal for English and *gasp* oral for Chinese. She doesn’t seem fazed at all by the upcoming exams, perhaps because it’s her first and she is clueless.

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Yay! It’s time for babywearing aerobics class and we are excited! Okay, looks like it’s just me being excited but Ce always chuckles when I do those big moves and knocks out after a while. We shall see what happens today! Hehe.

Argh. Is Dayre staying or not?? I keep wanting to write here but fear it won’t last and I have not yet figured out #dayreexport and have been copying and pasting manually to WordPress haha #loser


I’ve been wanting to share this experience I’ve had with A for a while. I don’t know what to think about my Daughter but here goes:She was tasked to write in her journal, about one of the class rules - “Care for others.” This girl boot licks the teacher a bit and says it’s a great rule, and then she becomes a tattletale, writing about How NAMED classmates talk in class and are the anti-example of caring for others.

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So. I have caved and bought A assessment books.

Woman Power?

So. Someone got mad at me because he says that I am always doing things on my own and will not ask for help. He said I’m too independent for my own good, and hence he feels incompetent.Firstly, is it my fault that I am independent? How do I change who I am just so he feels better about himself?

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