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SAHM no more

February 2018

Stay at home more means more conflict. I do more but also get forgotten more too. And it doesn’t feel good, doesn’t feel good at all.

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πŸ‘ΆπŸ» 🐢 😍

Wanted to post this yesterday but was too dizzy hehe.

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#ootd off for my interview! The last interview I had was perhaps five years ago, for a new appointment and I believe I was rather nervous. Today, I have committed it to the Lord and I do feel His peace! Whether I get this position next year or not, I believe He has called me to wherever He places me and I will make the best of it. I haven’t really gone to interview for other positions, not just out of laziness but well, we will see where I get posted if I don’t get this one! Exciting times! ☺️

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The yellow disc next to Ce is a Star Pancake made of lemon and blueberries, complete with giraffe-spit syrup, offered by jiejie during shuffling time in between UNO games. Part of our attempt to entertain her, and of course, Ce is enraptured by jiejie.

Haha! To free up the queue for downloading my Dayre entries, I manually copied and pasted my entries onto Wordpress because I haven’t been a Dayre user for that long.BUT though not that long, Dayre would love it if you stay!!

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