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Do unto others what you would have them do to you

August 2019

A parent's responsibility does not stop when your child(ren) grows up. It continues and you will continue to feel responsible for your child(ren). This is something ive learnt and seen for myself. A 70plus year old auntie still caring for her 40plus year old daughter. Single, and having some condition. She follows her for all appointments. Offer her that support (sometimes translated into pressure). Hai. Its times like this when i feel that how can we help these people?

Just kena another arrow at work. This year, im really doing alot more different things as compared to the past few years and although it seems like alot more work, im actually quite enjoying. It kinda gets you away from the mundane ops stuff and in tune with the bigger picture. And that is also why i have been telling every who ask, i am not going for number 3. Im even considering taking masters. Simi number 3.

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Happy birthday, A and J.

My boys are turning 2 in 2 days time and i cant help but feel incredibly proud of them. They are not the super guai, sleep trained, eat well, no screen time, no tantrums etc kind of kids, but they are mine, with minds of their own, and i know they are growing as they are learning, learning as they are growing.

So its HFMD for my boys. No birthday staycay and really cranky boys. It sucks but all i want is for them to get well.

Only reason why the boys fell asleep before 9pm is cos they are running fever. Even suppository cant stop the fever for going up to 40 degrees. Their bday staycay is from 10 to 12 august. Maybe no need to go liao. Somemoee their school got 3 HFMD cases but so far i dont see rashes and ulcers. Their school bday celebration is on 13 aug. So i guess that one also KIV for now. Oh wells, what long weekend break. Kapui.

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