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i put the sai in saigon 🇻🇳

July 2019

a few months back, 2 of my close friends went to work and live in new zealand for a few months and they fell in love with the place, largely for its quality of life and progressive lawsi have to disclaim that those 2 female friends of mine have been together in a relationship for 10 years and been wanting to live together for a longass time but obviously, singapore. issa noand NZ is great because lgbt relationships and gay marriages are recognised there and one of them already got a job

June 2019

sometimes it feels very discouraging to be scrolling through social media and seeing life/the world spinning madly on without any care during pride month/pinkdoti know social media postings shouldn't be the rule or a measure of society/friends' views or support but there's a little voice within me that asks "if not now then when?"hell, even my girlfriend doesnt post any pride related content/do advocacy and it's ridiculous if i hold others to my standards/expectations

April 2019

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back to ash 🌚seoul in 2 days just gotta hang in there for just a weeeee biiiit more

i ran out of my visanne pills here in saigon and can only get access to more next wed so that's 7 days without visanne 😭😭i took my last pill on monday so i didn't have any yesterday and today and WTF last night i was having light cramps and today im spotting much more than ytd and having more cramps 😩😩how the hell the effects happen so fast its literally 2 days onlywhat's the science behind this i thought i wont ovulate on the pill why will i have things to discharge? 🤨

just read dayre's official update at @blog and im not feelin the new app model hahathis platform is convenient for me to update on-the-go but i don't have that many people i follow and care about enough to pay a subcription fee every month. majority of the people i want to read about are MY FRIENDS, whom i've only recently brainwashed to use this platform (sorry it was a trap), and we could very easily move onto another platform for updatesdayre is great but i can live without it and sadly

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made it for 8am yoga ytd morningim always trying to avoid this one instructor and but i always end up in her classes LOL cos other people on leave or mc or smth😪😪but well im glad i got my ass out of the house again it was a productive morningwearing what woani calls a "director top" from mujishe say i wear look like those artsy director lol i like it cos it looks zen and 森林系 (anw this phrase only @cooldonut and i know everytime i say when im shopping nobody unds 😵)

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