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August 2019

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Blum Showroom

I went to Blum last week to check out their showroom. Living in the East is a huge advantage in this pre-house renovation phase. Four out of five of the Interior Designers I've met are based in the East.This Blum showroom is also in the East!I've always loved Blum, both their drawer/door mechanisms and kitchen organisation tools are wonderful!I took some photos I thought I'd share here for people to see. Especially for the #dayrehomes bunch!

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How We Met

I can't reveal who he is yet because we're both colleagues at work 😉We don't work in the same team and it's fine by the company policy (I checked with HR!).This is the illustration for our wedding invite. Try and guess what the four animals are!Our wedding lunch is small and cosy with 120 people. It's also a buffet lunch which we decided to go with instead of the usual 8-course meal.After our wedding, I'll do a wedding vendor review for the sake of any brides-to-be.

Anyway, I don't want to dwell on the past!I want to talk about happier stuff :)I'm getting married in about 3 weeks time to the most awesome man. With him, I can truly be myself. He is the most caring and patient man. We're incredibly happy and we decided to tie the knot after dating for slightly over a year.Some people may say that it's too fast but we are both so sure about each other.

There were so many things wrong with our relationship but I kept telling myself that things will get better.I was so damn good at compartmentalising that I even blocked off a part of myself. I compromised my own values and I bend over much that I lost myself in the relationship. I didn't even realise I wasn't happy anymore. It felt like a part of my essence was gone but I didn't notice.

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I'm Back!

I'm back 😉I actually came back to look for tips on renovation as I'm getting a flat soon. And my account is still around!The last time I blogged here was 1.5 years ago when I thought the app was closing down because I couldn't log in! And I deleted the app after. To my surprise, lots of the people I follow are still blogging here!These 1.5 years have probably been my toughest but also changed my life so significantly.

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