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you can hear me before you can see me

March 2019

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it’s easy to love someone when they’re loveable, when they’re nice, sweet, caring, considerate. things get harder when the other party becomes unappreciative and snappy. that’s when it’s worth something. that’s when it’s the real deal because how else would you put up with that if it isn’t love?

just testing to see if dayre still works???

February 2019

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had a horrible month at work sales wise hahah the whole store did badly i think so it’s not just me as an individual. not sure what went wrong. sigh just glad it’s over. woke up early morning to receive stocks as well. glad to end my day early-ish. was complaining about my horrible mth till @herturquoisedress asked me what i was doing tmr.. told her i was gna gym and swim and she reminded me that it’s a good start to the new month. positive me nearly forgot... guess i’m not as positive aft all

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dinner for two :)

January 2019

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you make me feel like home

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sorry for this closeup but yupp day 3 of braces and the inside of my mouth feels ravaged. my cheeks have so many ulcers you won’t believe it lol and a huge part of me is still in disbelief that i actl have braces on. lol 10 year challenge ongoing right, ppl took out their braces long ago and i literally just started.. ok wait for another 10 year challenge down the road. let’s pray these braces will be off by the time i finally make it to the altar HAHAHAHAHHA

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