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February 2019

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At 22 weeks, I’m starting to have trouble sleeping at night. 😣 Every night I keep thinking I’m only half way through, does this means the next half is going to be tough? Because sleep means the world to me. 😴

21 Weeks

Do you feel tired often now that you’re pregnant?

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20 weeks today

We are halfway through this pregnancy

January 2019

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Cheap thrill is when baby girl gangs up with me against the hubs. 🤣🤣🤣We didn’t end the night off very well last night and this morning hubs requested to talk to his daughter and feel her movements. I said no and covered my belly. I could also feel her moving about inside. In the end, he insisted his way through to my belly and he waited for a good 5 minutes and no movements for him. Hahaha. I told him I told our daughter 坏话 about you. And I said don’t disturb la, she sleeping.

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I was so happy when I received this email from this lady who just gotten her BFP!! Thank you for letting me know! Feeling so excited for her, so glad that at least @intotheseaaa and I are able to do something with our pads which wouldn’t be of use for the upcoming months! I texted her immediately after I saw the email.She went OMG SO HAPPY too!! 😍

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It’s all about work ever since 2019 began. Glad to have all the energy so that I can work even though the hours are longer now. It’s really never ending work, sometimes I just wanna stay in office the whole night. But I always remind myself not to overwork. 😅

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