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August 2019

On some days, i will be

My CL is leaving today

July 2019

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In a blink of an eye, my baby is turning 7 weeks in a few days. Have I been a mother for 7 weeks already? Oh my. Following up from my previous post on baby’s jaundice, I’m glad it’s finally all over. She only got better from week 6. Bad mama here didn’t bring her back for her scheduled appointment because I can’t bear to see her going through another blood test. I know she will be fine, and it only takes time for her jaundice to go down.

Called PD to make an appointment this morning because baby has been having blocked nose for a few days and it worsens during the night. It sounds so uncomfortable for her and we decided to drop in earlier although we are scheduled for an appointment next Monday. Doctor wasn’t very concerned about the block nose and she said its normal and also due to baby growing at 150th percentile. 😨 She was discharged at 2.6kg and before she hits one month, she is 4kg.

June 2019

A few nights ago, I found myself in frustration. I just sat in front of my baby in frustration. I was facing a fussy baby who was just fed and had her diapers changed. What could it be that she’s fussy? I then carried her up and cuddle for a short while and put her back to sleep.

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Baby thinks I’m a milk machine

O M GI’m no milk machine baby. My baby has been asking for milk every other hour, especially from late afternoon till night. Please give some mercy to mummy and mummy’s boobs okay? It scares me to see her mouth moving even after I’ve just fed her. She should be full but why is she still asking for more? So I’ve been latching her continuously, and it can go up to 4 hours of fuss. I just pointed my boobs to my hubs and said KO. 😅

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