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updated 1 year ago

flea day!

Good Morning Dayre! ☀️

I was so so nervous/excited/stressed that I tossed and turned all night! I ended up only getting 3 hours of sleep, but I feel like a energized bunny for the Books & Stuff Flea today!

Late last night @charlottewangwang joined the party! So excited to see her and shop her looks!

Taobao all day everyday!

Here's what I'm wearing today. Please pardon the dirty mirror 😬

Here are the details again!

Do take some time out of your day to pop by. If not, just come to see the lovely @jojobeans and @sandydandy in real life! Hehe

P.S. Everyone can offer a 10% off any purchase at The Yoga Co. with a minimum spending of $20!

I'm now on my way to the space, will provide live updates shortly! ❤️

I'm sharing a booth with this bunny @charlottewangwang ❤️👏

We organized our rack by colour! This makes me so happy hahaha

@sandydandy with Mummy and Mister! Already have my eye on some of her clothes and SugarFly stuff... 😍

Here is @jojobeans with her wonderful pile of books!

@braintango is here!!! Charlotte and I r going crazy at all the nice bralettes! Hehehehe I LOVE IT ALL!

SHE GAVE ME A GOODY BAG THANK UUUUUUU 😭 I'm so happy! Thank you!!!!!

With the girls!!!

Yay yay! This was taken with @jojobeans extra HD super awesome advanced phone camera! Heeehheehe

Pastel pink sneaks @ $20!


YUMMY YUMMY CUPCAKES! please contact @chingzx for them. Hahahah. They're so delish!

I got this off @charlottewangwang and changed into it immediately heheh

I'm so very excited to try on my OBC stuff!! Pics later ok~~~~

By the way I still have:

1. Pastel pink shoes, 38, $20
2. Nike lunar flyknit, 36, $80
3. Nike Zoom purple, 37, $80
4. Chanel inspired nude slingbacks, 38, $20

For sale!!!

Day 141

Sunday, 21 May 2017

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jojobeans (avatar)

jojobeans I couldn't sleep well too!!!!

1 year ago

onegirlonepot (avatar)

onegirlonepot @jojobeans we r same! hehe

1 year ago

contentedgirl (avatar)

contentedgirl Can share the link for the gingham top?

1 year ago

charlottewangwang (avatar)

charlottewangwang IT ME

1 year ago

jojobeans (avatar)

jojobeans Omg the difference in photo qualityyyyy 😁😁😁

1 year ago

Kozonis19 (avatar)

Kozonis19 Looove your top!!!

1 year ago

deerbambi (avatar)

deerbambi Hello! May I know where do you book a flea stall for potential fleas? I'm interested to get a stall but I cannot find any except for the lucky plaza one >.<

1 year ago

wwonderwumeng (avatar)

wwonderwumeng What size are those shoes!

1 year ago

onegirlonepot (avatar)

onegirlonepot @domtw 38!

1 year ago

braintango (avatar)

braintango AIYO. Can contact @chingzx la! HEHEHEH.

1 year ago

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