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Hosting Kina Grannis!

Yikes, I'm so sorry I didn't finish the rest of the questions last weekend!

This week we spent a lot of time with Kina and Jesse, taking them out to eat all the local food we could think of. They had everything from Ice Kachang to Bak Kwa and we even managed to squeeze in a Zi Char meal!

Said Zi Char meal was at one of our usual haunts, Sin Hoi Sai hahaha. They marvelled at our har jeong gai, hot plate tofu and salted egg sotong, sambal kang kong and marmite chicken.

I guess our local food is really a 'sight' on its own huh? Never thought much of it but I'd probably recommend any tourist to hit up our hawker centres rather than the normal sightseeing at MBS!

I remember listening to this song way back when! YouTube 10 years ago was certainly something different with David Choi, NigaHiga, KevJumba and my all time fav, WongFu! And of course gurlcrush Cathy Nguyen. It makes me so happy to think that they're all friends in real life too. Haha

She is really as sweet in real life as you'd think she is, and sounds the same as in her videos ☺️

They were amazed when I told them some hawker stalls attained Michelin stars πŸ˜‚

When asked about Bak Chor Mee, I immediately thought of Tai Hwa and recommended them to eat at the airport just before their flight. I got tested on my food knowledge so much this week like:

"What's in Chilli Crab sauce?"

"How do you make Black Carrot Cake?"

"What's in Marmite?"

"Why do you put corn in Ice Kachang?"

The best was:

What's Kang Kong in English?

Omg.... I was speechless at this one. I googled and this was the result:


Day 170

Monday, 19 Jun 2017

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heynyonya (avatar)

heynyonya Omg, swamp cabbage?! What a horrid name for such a wonderful vegetable! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

1 year ago

nightskies (avatar)

nightskies Last one's savage! Swamp cabbage 🀣

1 year ago

belindasalim (avatar)

belindasalim Morning glory? :)

1 year ago

fresaquivi (avatar)

fresaquivi My friend is obsessed with her so he's gonna be so jealous when I show him your post hahhaha

1 year ago

lynnnnn (avatar)

lynnnnn In tassie where we were, it was called water spinach :) but few Chinese farmers had license to grow it because it's a weed!

1 year ago

untraceme (avatar)

untraceme In indochina, it's called stirfried morning glory! I can imagine being very stressed out not knowing how many of these local dishes are made! I certainly don't know how black carrot cake is made!

1 year ago

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