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Rome Itinerary!!!

Good afternoon Dayre! 👋

I've been so sick for the past week. The last two days were the worst and I was completely bedridden. My nose is running non stop and my body is aching so bad!

There's apparently a flu bug going around so please load up on vitamins guys. Being sick is the worst, especially coupled with the fact that my period is coming, all I can think about is unhealthy snacks hahaha.

Anyhoo! I figured it's time to stop being a bum and since I have some spare time now, I'm gonna post about...

✨ My Grad/ B'day Trip ✨

I can't believe it's June already, school ends NEXT WEEK and my birthday is less than 2 months away!!!

Speaking of school I still have a couple of assignments to finish hurhur but it's okay that can wait! I'm so excited to share this with you~

A few posts ago I mentioned that I'd be going for a holiday, one that I always dreamed about, really soon!! This magical location is:

Rome & Positano! 🏟⛵️❤️

When I was flying I only managed to do 1 Rome and 1 Milan flight in the 3.5 years that I flew. Hahaha not fated.

But yes, Italy was one of my favourite countries ever and though I managed to travel out to Venice and Cinque Terre, the time spent there wasn't enough and I always wanted to travel back there with someone I love.

And so, when Josh agreed to a holiday with me last month, I really really really secretly had my hopes on Rome! (He wanted Paris. Lol.)

Erm. Too cheapskate to actually buy the stickers so here's a screenshot of it. (I am a student now. Free things are my forté.)

I was pretty open to both la, but I had explored Paris a couple of times while flying and still find Italy more intriguing, and dare I say- romantic?! Food is also SUPER important to me and I don't care for French cuisine... Haha let me know if you guys share the same sentiments ;)

Anyway, minus the traveling time, I believe we have 4 days in Rome and 3 in Positano!

I'll be sharing some of the places we've bookmarked as well as the itinerary we have so far...

I'm so so so happy we're going to Positano! We're going to stay for 2 nights!

Check back with y'all soon! I'm about to go for my facial hehehe.

To-Do List ✅✅✅

Let's talk about Rome first. These suggestions are based off of an itinerary my friend sent me and my own experiences when I was there!

Many people say that 3-4 days is enough in Rome. It's a city that is all about history, arts, architecture and of course, the holy Vatican City! This is a place that is filled with sightseeing so be prepared to walk a lot and spend most of your time marvelling at the wonders around you :)

Haha a shot from 2014, I think it was only my 2nd month flying! There's actually a small little hill right in front of The Colosseum that we climbed on to take this shot. Haha.

The Colosseum should definitely be on your list. I love history and was very excited to go but unfortunately back then we didn't have enough time to take a tour... So this is one of the top few things I must do this time!

LOOK AT BABY ME!!! Even though it was only 3 years ago I feel like I've aged so much omg at first glance I don't even recognise this person in the photo anymore.

😭 Please tell me I'm not alone haha.

Throw a coin, with the right hand and over the left shoulder, into the Trevi Fountain and it guarantees a return to Rome. Throw a second coin and it ensures a new romance. A third will ensure marriage!

I only threw 1 coin in last time lol. No wonder something went wrong somewhere HAHAHA.

The Vatican City!

To get this view, I climbed to the top of St. Peter's Basilica. It's a gruelling 491 steps up a super narrow and winding staircase but the view is well worth it!

The inside of the basilica is also extremely beautiful. It's an artwork in itself, and I recommend spending at least half a day here.

I read that The Pope comes out to say hi on Sunday afternoons and Wednesdays, but the basilica is closed for his mass.

Did you know...

That the Vatican City is also the smallest city in the world? It's basically about the size of a golf course. Haha.

I remember sending postcards back home from the little post office, with love from the smallest city in the world! It's a great souvenir and I will do it again this time.


I also bought a rosary from the basilica's souvenir shop to keep for memory's sake! (I'm a hoarder) but it's a great gift for Catholic friends, I'm sure they will appreciate it!

To sum it up:

Rome City Must-Dos ❤️

(Whoops I KO-ed last night! Sorry to everyone who camped for this post. Continuing today!!!)

So the sights in Rome city itself are peppered all around and from what I can remember, can be accessed easily by foot - in a day! These include:

- Trevi Fountain
- Pantheon
- Spanish Steps
- Piazza Del Popolo
- Castel Sant Angelo
- Campo De' Fiori
- Villa Borghese Gardens

Some of these are really sights that you can spend just few minutes at, such as the Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps.

Ancient Rome Must-Dos ❤️

These sights will provide a little more insight to the history of Rome and will, more often than not, include RUINS. So if you're not into history, you may not appreciate it? Just a heads up.

An conversation with my ex-colleague once:

💁🏻: "Babe I went to Pompeii. Omg don't go there babe. It's damn boring babe. Just go there look at a pile of rocks only..."

Hahaha. What did you expect though, that Mt Vesuvius left a garden of flowers and an outlet mall in it's wake? 🌚 #SippingTea

I digress haha. Ok! I would allocate these sights about half a day? And I would definitely consider getting an audio guide for these too!

- The Colosseum
- The Roman Forum
- Palatine Hill
- Circus Maximus
- Baths of Caracalla

Speaking of audio guides, there's a really cool (and free!) alternative for guides that you can download on your device at http://www.italyguides.it/! Apparently much better than the audio commentaries you buy at the place itself!

Holy Rome Must-Dos ❤️

- The Vatican City
- The Sistine Chapel

Of course these would be included! I didn't get to the Sistine Chapel in time last time (closes at 4pm) so I'm so excited to go back!

There'll be a snaking line so be prepared to queue. From what I remember I didn't buy a pass in advance, but if you're like me and you're heading in the summer, I reckon getting a fast pass would make sense :)

There will be some booths/men who are selling skip-the-line tours at the Vatican. Go for the ones that include both the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican! Word is that the ones you book online are really expensive plus you have to keep to a strict time schedule, so I might opt for buying them on the spot instead.

Moving on to share our accommodation now!

We booked two different AirBnbs for our stay in Rome! One that is near the city and one 40 minutes away...

I don't usually do this (splitting between different accommodations) but I saw this place and I just COULD NOT pass it up. The only downside was that it was so far away and inconvenient. Traveling to sights would be 30-40 minutes. So Josh suggested that we stay 2 nights in the city where we can walk to the city sights, and then we can still stay the other 2 nights at the place I like!!!

The city accommodation is just a tiny room! The reviews are pretty good, about 4.5/5 stars!

It has a small toilet and kitchen which is good enough for us. We are very particular about cleanliness so as long as it got good ratings for that it was good to go!

Really nothing fancy, but we figured that since we'd be out most of the day, we only needed a clean and comfortable place to crash.

Plus, it was close to the sights... And at $89 a night, this fit the bill perfectly!

My 👏 Dream 👏 Airbnb 👏

Dubbed "The Livable Sculpture", I have no clue how I even saw this listing. We have been searching for a place for weeks, and I remember punching in the trip's dates almost 5 times in total. That's 5 different searches!

Someone must've cancelled their booking because it popped up on my search one day... and then I knew I had to have it.


It's actually a separate house that's a part of a villa! I'm guessing it was built from scratch by the hosts of the place. Their profile states that they're retired but maybe they were architects or artists or something!!!

I was so mesmerized when I saw the listing. But Josh's reaction was like,

💁🏻‍♂️: "It's good ah... If you wanna get robbed..."

Lol because we thought the holes were like, empty holes but upon closer look we guessed that they're um. Glass "windows" hahaha.

It's really like living inside a piece of art! How exquisite!

& it's something else at night!

Speaking of night, many of the city sights are also open in the night, and it's a completely different experience from seeing in the day. I for one can't wait to see the Trevi fountain at night :)

Anyway, I just can't wait to stay here! Can't wait to provide updates about the place :)

I'll be splitting up the post and share more about our plans for Positano soon! I also got a TONNE of new clothes just for this trip, will share those too!

See you soon! ❤️

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Thursday, 1 Jun 2017

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bababoo88 (avatar)

bababoo88 Omg just in time!! Going to Italy for a vineyard wedding and will be there for about 10 days and had no clue where to start with planning. Can't wait for your post! Thank you in advance 😊

1 year ago

onegirlonepot (avatar)

onegirlonepot @bababoo88 Aww you're sweet! Haha hope you will find the post useful, and have a great experience. Sounds like a beautiful trip already :)

1 year ago

autumnstar (avatar)

autumnstar gonna favourite this entry cus i will be going italy for honeymoon! altho its tentative oct 2018 lol but HTB alr excited to plan. this time u shld go back and throw 3 coins!!

1 year ago

mandalogy21 (avatar)

mandalogy21 I spent 6 days in Rome during my honeymoon & still think it's not enough!! If u have the chance, pop by Tuscany too.

1 year ago

awriann (avatar)

awriann That ss of the Rome sticker is GENIUS

1 year ago

crazybrokeasian (avatar)

crazybrokeasian Wew are you going in June!! Is gorgeous but HAWT hahahaha

1 year ago

silent_memoirs (avatar)

silent_memoirs The house is damn interesting??? It looks like a bone structure or something of that sort 😍

1 year ago

jo_annewong (avatar)

jo_annewong Hello @onegirlonepot your recommendation is really helpful as am planning for a winter trip to Italy, may I know what is the name of the airbnb in the city as I never tried airbnb and it really looks great ..

1 year ago

blueoceangirl (avatar)

blueoceangirl love Italy , their foods and italian!

1 year ago

onegirlonepot (avatar)

onegirlonepot @starthatlikesautumn yay!! Italy is so so beautiful and romantic, make sure to go to Venice and Capri and Florence and etc Etc etc. HAHAHAHA. This time I will!!

@mandalogy21 wow! So many Days.. hahha we will definitely return for that. I doubt we even have a chance to stop by Florence, and everyone says it's a must..

@awriann 😁👍 Hahaha I'm so cheapskate lol

1 year ago

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