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#AskMeAnything ANSWERED!

Time to answer the #AskMeAnything questions! Thanks everyone for asking haha. I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.

Quite a few asked how Josh and I met and it's a nice story, I want it to be it's own post! I've asked for his consent and I think we will Co-Dayre that in a separate post soon hahahaha. So forgive me if I skip your question for the time being, wait for us to give you the full story!

If you have a burning desire to ask something, keep them coming! I'll answer them all!

What's your plan after getting a degree?

From @littlekutu!

I actually JUST finished school last week, and I'm super stressed on what's next already. Haha I started as a PA for Sandra as well as taking on a Marketing Manager role at The Yoga Co in my last semester, and I see myself working here till the next year or so at the very least! So I'd like to work hard on this and see where it takes me.

I've been learning loads and along with networking (and being sort-of in the same industry as my boyfriend!) is always fun!

Favorite Cafe and Dish?

From @supermundane!

Hmm... Maybe I'll do a #sponsored #plug for the #best #cafe in Singapore, Guac&Go?


Eh @charlottewangwang?

Haha okay honestly I don't really go to cafés much these days, but I do LOVE my POKÉ BOWLS. I crave it almost everyday!!!!!! My favourite spots are Aloha Poké and Poké Doke!

What are you up to now?

From @prisylala!

Such a stressful question 😅 Haha I actually have quite the luxury of working from home based on my two roles, and as long as I deliver, I spend most of my time sleeping in and spending time with Josh everyday since school ended. Hahaha.

Also since I'm going for my holidays soon, I don't really want to stress out too much and must remind myself to enjoy post-grad first!

Do you miss flying?

From @treiciasyn!

Ehhh... If I'm honest, there are some days when I look at my depleting bank account and wonder if I made the right decision. Haha. Yes, I do miss certain things like having such security, pampering myself and maybe Hello Kitty pasta from Mario's. Then I think about how much I dragged myself to work every flight and the dread I felt walking into Control and it comforts me LOL.

There are certain things I miss about the job, definitely, but I don't miss flying in itself.

What was your most pivotal moment in your life so far?

From @enigg!

Definitely the day I left SQ. To be able to walk away from something like that was very liberating and I learnt so much of myself when I did. In doing so, I re-analyzed my goals and what satisfied me as an individual. It was crucial in taking the next step towards the future.

I also learnt of the many things that I took for granted; cabbing everywhere, fine dining and the likes! I think most of all I learnt the true value of money - and how hard it is to earn it.

What's your current favourite lipstick?

From @remembertherays!

Actually, I don't really wear lipstick so often... I just wear clear chapstick. Sometimes I go for a Russian Red lip, but even that is very rare. I tend to always feel like my face is overdone when I have a full face of makeup, so I try to eliminate my eyeliner or my lipstick these days.

However! On the days that I do try to ham it up, I like Colourpop's Alyssa and Bumble! Haha are those shades like old news now :(

I'm not a makeup junkie! Sorry!

Why did you quit flying? Was the work life bad?

From @kutti!

Oh no, not at all! In fact, it was a pretty good life. However, it just wasn't for me. I left because I felt like I was caught in between things, knowing that I hadn't finished my education and that it was only a matter of time before I had to go get it done.

There were also moments where I felt like I didn't fit in into the mould of a bubbly and zealous hostess. Some people are high energy and can talk 24/7, but I'm actually quite the introvert. In this aspect, I was unhappy.

Where is the blue dress from?

From @nicold and @anticlockwise!

Thank you both for your lovely comments and compliments on the dress! So kind of you.

It's actually a very simple maxi dress from Forever21. I only paid about 30 USD for it, and I bought it in New York. However it was two years ago, so I am not sure if you can still find it :(

Forever 21 stocks some great stuff and I'd keep a look out for select pieces! You'll find some hidden gems :)

How was the pay like in SQ?

From @chxct!

I'm pretty sure you can find a thousand cabin crew blogs out there who can give you the latest updated rates, but in my time when I joined in 2013, it was still the advertised rate of 3.5k.

It really depends on the flights you do, if you do more long haul flights and the longer you're away, you get a higher allowance. I've hit 5.5k before on good months and as low as 2k on the months that I do mostly Asian routes. Usually it averages out in the end, though.

If we turn back time will you still choose to fly?

From @sshhaarroonn!

Yes, of course I would! I joined at 19 and had my 20th birthday in the training center. Haha, in 4 years, I learnt a great deal about people, I was trained at one of the best facilities with the highest service standards. I was paid to see for my own eyes how beautiful the world was and I cherish each of my memories, both good and bad in SQ. Even the zapping!

I grew so much in this period of time and that experience is invaluable. I would do it again, yes.

What's your plan next after uni?

From @telizabeth!

I'm quite happy where I am now in marketing and PA for The Yoga Co/Sandra, and as I have two upcoming holidays in July and October (2 weeks long each!) I don't really see the point in sourcing for another job right now. I guess that's the good thing of my current job!

If anything, I'd only start seriously looking at the end of the year, if I do!

Do you ever see yourself going back to flying?

From @starthatlikesautumn

Oh gosh, I've really contemplated this many times late at night when I feel desperate! But ego always wins for me. I don't really enjoy the idea of going back to something in my past. I think I left for a reason and going back would just be taking the easy way out.

Realistically, SQ is a no but I must admit that I've considered Emirates and Qatar alternatively. I don't see it happening but I won't say that's completely out of the question!

Where is the onegirlonepot pot now?

From @starthatlikesautumn again!

Haha I like this question so much! After my Dayre hiatus last year, I actually put the pot up for sale on Carousell for a measly $15. When I met Josh and as we got to know each other, I told him about Dayre and the highs and lows of what happened!

He saw my Carousell and told me he wanted to buy it. We made a joke that it's going to be framed up at home as the legendary "Onegirlonepot Pot". So I deleted the listing and Josh saved the day, and the beloved pot!

How did you start off being Sandra's PA? Any thoughts of a lifelong career?

From @tastybraces!

I was actually searching for a part time job as a receptionist that I could do while schooling. I emailed Crucycle and Yoga Movement because I had high hopes that I'd be able to practice for free as well lol.

Cru got back to me but Josh had also asked Sandra about a position at Yoga Co. She said she wasn't hiring a receptionist but she was looking for a PA. After weighing the options I decided to go for it, and have never looked back since!

As for a lifelong career, I would say that I would be working towards management, if I do consider that. It's a pretty cool job and Sandra is a great person and boss!

When I was helping her move the yoga studio from Pahang Street to Haji Lane, she actually paid for Josh and I to go for a massage at the end of the day because we helped out. Haha.

What's the toughest situation as an air stewardess? Would I recommend girls to go for it?

From @junelbaet!

I didn't actually experience many horror stories, to be very honest and fair haha. Of course the worst experience for an air stewardess would be handling an emergency or medical case, neither of which I've had to do, thank God.

I think one of the worst was just a very tough and mean in-charge. I made a small mistake and the rest of the flight was just hell for me. The more stupid he said I was, the more stressed and clumsy I became. It was like I really became stupid!

I knocked over two whole bottles of wine and one whole tray of meals, which was about 6 or 7 casseroles of food that was spilt all over the galley floor. LOL, and I was just completely horrified. It ended with him saying something like, "Why can't you just focus?! Is it too busy thinking of Chinese New Year?!"

He was a Malay dude. Which on hindsight is actually a bit racist?! Haha okay lah, that was my hardest flight I think.

I think most definitely go for it, if you're considering! It's a great experience, but also just be prepared that you'll meet nasty people once in awhile, and that you WILL get your hands dirty, be it cleaning poop off toilet bowls and vomit off seats and carpet floors haha.

All part of the learning experience 😂 Staying in the nice hotels and shopping whenever you like is the fun part, so the rewards are great :)

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Saturday, 17 Jun 2017

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charlottewangwang (avatar)

charlottewangwang HAHAHAHA love ya!! 💞💞

1 year ago

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pinkpluspinky The dread when walking into control, so true 😐

1 year ago

junelbaet (avatar)

junelbaet thank you :')

1 year ago

autumnstar (avatar)

autumnstar thanks for answering my kaypoh questions hehe. so cute that josh bot the pot. i hope its of better use now! and its nice to read that u r enjoying ur work as a PA cus i think its a good learning experience! i nv regretted being a PA (was for 6.5 yrs lol) but i have since moved on to other things and im sure u will do so as well!

1 year ago

telizabeth (avatar)

telizabeth Really nice to see you making the effort to answer all our questions :) yay for that 2 well deserved breaks! 😍

1 year ago

four_ (avatar)

four_ May I know what month and year you wrote about pot cos idk what pot is. I wanted to ask what onegirlonepot means but it was already Friday when I remember I wanted to ask about it 😣

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