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updated 1 year ago

Good morning Dayre! ✨

Oops I really wanted to share some happenings today cause I woke up reeeally early for a shoot but I got distracted and then so tired cause I woke up early and I napped instead. Haha.

I'll share a funny story instead:

So the last time I shopped on Zalora was a few years ago, I recently went on again for a gander and ended up with $200 worth of items in my cart 😂

They sat in the cart for weeks to bake and when I finally carted them out I was so excited I just filled in my payment details and off the order went!

Few days later Zalora ships out the order and here I am, happily thinking of receiving my items so soon and marveling at their efficient service. They send an email to let me know my order is on its way and usually I don't open these, but I accidentally tapped on it when the pop up came out.

Gmail app opened and I grumbled as my phone lagged for a little, loading the email I was sure was redundant to read.

Your delivery is on its way!

"Congratulations Jaime, your order is on its way to Hougang St 123, Blk 123."

Hang on, I don't live in Hougang...

Holy shit. They sent it to my ex's place.

Omg my stomach flipped and my heart started beating very quickly!!! How do I stop this!!!

Day 158

Wednesday, 7 Jun 2017

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alliemcnuggie (avatar)

alliemcnuggie Hahaha I've done it before! I just took it that I lost the money because I only realised after the parcel was delivered. My ex didn't contact me to let me know either. Then again, we ended on bad terms 🤔 on another note, I think if you call up Zalora or the courier, they can still do something about it!

1 year ago

nightskies (avatar)

nightskies Omg! Did you manage to contact Zalora in time?

1 year ago

prisylala (avatar)

prisylala Omg!!!! Then how!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂

1 year ago

fangzn (avatar)

fangzn EMAIL THEM!

1 year ago

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