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Finally done with school! The past 8 months just fleeeewww by and I can't believe I'm a degree holder now. Time to start figuring it out... Yay 🙃

I saw @littlekutu do a #askmeanything post and it seems so fun!!! I also want to do hahaha

Maybe no one will ask though 😂 I'll leave it open till Friday and I'll answer it over the weekend #paiseh 😂

Other Random Updates

Josh produced a new song!! This one's featuring an upcoming artiste, Natalie Ong (who was one of the finalists in X Factor Australia, cray cray voice) for Shine Fest!


I FOUND MY SIMS 3 GAME!!! And promptly went to create sim versions of Josh and I. Yesterday I played for 6 hours straight... Hahaha

Things I bought from Miniso :) Heard good things about the masks and pore pack!

This game is also weirdly addictive hahahha.

So happy to read this because I really miss (crappy) American Chinese food? Like, Panda Express, mushu pork & bourbon chicken type of Chinese food???

Anyone feeel meeee.

Lolol my skin is still very unstable. Some days it looks like this, and some days... I still get the cystic kind of pimples once in a while before my period and it makes me so miserable :(

I think the hack is just to have enough sleep and water though. Both of which I'm doing terrible at haha

I really love this quote a lot!!! Made it to post on Yoco's Instagram for our Motivational Mondays and then I realized that this stock picture is on Dayre's homepage too!!!

My girl friend recommended this movie to me a while ago and it spoke to me so much and reminded me of a young girl's perception of what love is supposed to be and finding yourself while growing up and learning through heartbreak!

It's good, but a little M18 so uh please don't watch on speaker in front of kids/parents hahaha.

Taobao addiction as always. Maybe will do a post on what's in my cart next week!!!!! :-)

Josh: So what do you do with all this things? Are you actually going to buy them?? Like what are you doing actually????¿¿¿???

Me: I just like them in my cart...

lol I quit last October but I FINALLY WENT TO DO MY CLEARANCE!!!! Goodbye forever :')

I bought mermaid leggings for yoga HAHAHAHA am perfectly aware it's borderline ugly but I don't care I am going to be the only mermaid in class ✌️️

This made me laugh a lot lol

B-Sides is always fun!!! (the time I wore a huge Justin Bieber Purpose Tour tee to a club and got away with it)

Watching Coldplay changed my life.

The boss. Sometimes crazy and stressful as her PA too but the experience has been exhilarating!

Gifts from the boyfriend. This is the crystal tiffany & co jewelry box 😍

Being with Josh came with Gentle Bones fans that post things like this? Not sure how to feel also hahaha is it I can also be a celebrity

P.S. Look like meh!!!!!!!!

That time I flew up to Melbourne for Josh's friends wedding and @doubleoxm was also there!!! The convo was so funny!

Me: *posts instastory about melb*
XM: Omg I'm going melb too
Me: Omg I'll be there for a wedding
XM: Omg me also. Wait is it same wedding

Aiya I was damn tipsy in this photo cause free flow champagne but IT WAS A FUN AND BEAUTIFUL NIGHT!!!

It was a held in a quaint little church in a small town outside Melbourne.

Here's me getting ready to star in the Blank Space music video!

HAHAHAHA KIDDING. I had conjunctivitis on the first day of the trip and the rest of the days were such a nightmare!!! It was my first time getting it somemore. You can't tell here but there's pus in my eye 😉 <- was like this most of the time!

Thankfully josh took care of me the entire trip HAHAHA.

The sunset was INCREDIBLE. Better than any I've ever seen anywhere else in the world.

I remember being so happy in this moment that my heart was so full and aching!

ITS SO BEAUTIFUL. I really like this vintage and rustic style for weddings and I may want to opt for such in the future :-)

Throwback to my *prime* hahahaha

And the funny thing is my mum found this photo when I was a young one!!! Oh girl if only u KNEW 😂

That's a story for another time though, haha!

Day 164

Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017

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littlekutu (avatar)

littlekutu me me !!!! I ask first!!! HAHAHHAHAAHA what's your plan after getting a degree ?

1 year ago

nxbxdx (avatar)

nxbxdx Hello!! Hehee share how did you meet josh :)!!!!

1 year ago

Supermundane (avatar)

Supermundane Make up is on point! Favourite cafe + fav dish?

1 year ago

doubleoxm (avatar)


1 year ago

onegirlonepot (avatar)

onegirlonepot @doubleoxm HAHAHAHA MARCH WASNT SO LONG AGO WHAT

1 year ago

prisylala (avatar)

prisylala What are u up to now? We all miss you!!!! More stories!!!! U can write so well!!! 😘😘😘

1 year ago

nightskies (avatar)

nightskies Can i be greedy and ask two qns? Do you miss flying and how did J and you meet! 😘

1 year ago

enigg (avatar)

enigg What was the most pivotal moment in your lift so far?

1 year ago

remembertherays (avatar)

remembertherays what's your current favorite lipstick? 😀

1 year ago

huiijunn (avatar)

huiijunn Where got lookalike please.... and my question is... when are we going to exercise??? LOL

1 year ago

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