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Alright so.. where do I begin?!!

Been so lost touch after my holidays and here I am hoping to document a little memory down to look back upon. Wouldn't be writing about the whole trip so it's gonna be a lol bit here and there cause it's tormenting to do so LOL.

I am also back to work the very next day and I do agree I'm pretty much crazy. It's been so taxing and I can't believe I stayed in for the first time ever in a Japan station. ITS MY FAVOURITE PLACE AFTER ALL.

Okay.. back to Italy!

First day after touching down in Venice, we went straight to Burano and Murano! Well, I would definitely say pictures are deceiving. There isn't much to do there and we completed both places in less than half a day. Maybe because it was raining non stop and it kinda ruined all our mood to sight see properly. It was also SUPER CROWDED.

It was also a waste to spend EUR20/pax to get tickets for their water buses cause no one checks at all?!! So yes, gonna learn to save cost in future 😅

2nd day in Venice itself exploring all around and this was my lovely lunch location :)

Took the gondola right after lunch cause weather was looking good then. It rained the whole time we were in venice so I guess this was our time!!!!!

We paid EUR80 and would like to think its the market price already. Did some research and most goes up to EUR100.

That famous Rialto bridge in Venice again overcrowded and to take a pic, YOU'VE TO BE REALLY FAST.

At our dinner place which turns out to be wonderful as well. The food and ambience were all so good!!! Its called Caffè Centrale Venezia for anyone that is keen. I swear it's worth a visit. 😊


Enroute to Milan! A fantastic decision to take the Business Class cabin cause it felt so much more comfortable. Lol. We were also given a bottle of water and a small snack.

Day 124

Saturday, 4 May 2019

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