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May 2019

Was so tired today I woke up late in the afternoon omg. Suddenly feeling so mad regarding work ytd. So.. we all know there are a lot of lazy (probably exceeding their bmi too) leaders in our workplace and its just irritating. What annoys me this time is that... I WAS ON CHECK. Which I kind of expected it cause I was missing from work from almost a month.

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Alright so.. where do I begin?!!Been so lost touch after my holidays and here I am hoping to document a little memory down to look back upon. Wouldn't be writing about the whole trip so it's gonna be a lol bit here and there cause it's tormenting to do so LOL.I am also back to work the very next day and I do agree I'm pretty much crazy. It's been so taxing and I can't believe I stayed in for the first time ever in a Japan station. ITS MY FAVOURITE PLACE AFTER ALL.Okay.. back to Italy!

I'm back from my almost a month long holiday!

April 2019

3 days in Florence in a whole.

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Both are from 19s collection and I would like to think they are iridiscent cause they were shiny Lol. SA also said they were but I can't confirm lolol. Just too pretty to me that I can't clearly see the colour in the boutique. Ever had that moment you went 😍😍😍😍 and nothing else matters??? Champagne gold hardware... what's not to love?

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Been thinking about Bolide bag. Would you get a Bolide?

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