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CNY 2019


My 除夕 outfits are usually as kuazhang as my 初一 outfits. My only excuse is that my family goes out for dinner before we head to my grandma’s but who am I kidding??? I just wanna look pretty.

I spent a lot on this dress but I really love the embroidered element......

When MTXX failed us.

I look haggard lolol but look at my qt nephew 😭 I love him so much.

And my other nieces 😭

The qties got punished 😂


Am I the only one or is it extra hard to find CNY outfits this year??? I took forever to find this jumper and tbh I wasn’t even that sure about it before. Good choice though because after a few looks, I decided that I really like it lolol.

This MTXX made Sam’s eyes look like they’re gonna pop out

AIYO OUR HEART. Sam was telling me that he wants a baby after seeing my baby nephew (jk we can’t afford a baby and our parents will break our legs). I can’t wait till we are ready to have a baby though!!!

We promptly threw the baby to an uncle and fell asleep on the bed after this lolol. I don’t even know who’s sleeping on this bed??? My cousin was staying in this room previously but she moved out and idk if anyone took over this room lolol.


Sam: why my legs open so big??


This is actually my 除夕 romper from last year but aiya it’s ok to just rewear. I don’t think I even wore this after last cny.....

My cousins came in the same type of ombré dresses so I changed into mine to take some pictures HAHA

Fun fun fun

Got all our partners to lift us up lolol

My dajie was feeling meh cause she didn’t have a dress so we decided to make her our bride LOL (since we are all wearing the same type of dresses like a bridesmaid)

We usually go to my dajie’s house to gamble but we decided to play a new computer game this year lol.

Serious discussion going on. This was at like 3am and my jiefu has to send his daughter to school at 7am lolol.

Day 39

Friday, 8 Feb 2019

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