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stitching at @deerfolks

March 2019

Received such horrible news at the start of the week. Every time I think about my nieces, my heart aches a lot. This journey is going to be hard and I only hope with everything I have that things will work out in the end. We will pull through this as a family.

February 2019

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Why do people feel a need to enter my room and touch my stuffs without my permission????????????? Wait for it cause I’m going to explode at people tomorrow 🤦🏻‍♀️Update: I didn’t explode on anyone cause I woke up feeling cheery 😂

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Went to watch Sam compete in a cheer competition last night and I’m just so happy to see him have fun. He trained so hard for this and second place is such an amazing outcome. I’m a proud girlfriend 😭And also, I act chio and wore a maxi dress but pretty much everyone else wore tshirt and shorts lol welp.

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I just did (one of) the craziest thing and bought concert ticket to see Ming at Bangkok in a month lol

January 2019

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gmarket haul

Recently spent some money on Gmarket cause there were some sales going on. I ONLY get my K products from Gmarket + Hermo (authorised by Cosrx). I pretty much don’t trust any other shops, including all the dubious Shopee stores and Althea. I wrote about this previously!!! @ohjac:210417

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