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February 2019

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sending an infant to caregiver’s home daily

Went out around 10.30pm for a solo walk. Ok not really solo since 🥚 was with me. My future bf lol. Sacred me time, is what means the most to me right now, whatever V day is. I believe hub feels the same so he’s gone for ⚽️ after our hotpot dinner!

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never say die

This is amazing! I finished 4 cubes of it within 5 minutes. It’s chocolate with almond and quinoa, Rittersport’s new product. Caters to vegan too.I’ma chocolate lover and I know the sugar intake is pretty excessive too.. 😣

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weight and weights / scoliosis

I decided to press on despite feeling tired last night

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almost 19 / concerts?

Time flies! Omg, officially week 19 tmr.

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Today’s gym session, check out my heart rate, it went up and down like a roller coaster ride.

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