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updated 3 months ago

who’s staying on dayre?

i honestly don’t mind if everyone else is staying bc then at least i would feel motivated to update if i had to pay BAHAHAHAHA

really can’t imagine all my posts being gone... :”( and also with this gated community and the fact that i have TWO ACCOUNTS means that... i have to go back to my old account?? which is a good and bad thing

the good is that i can finally use my dayre stickers again which are on the old account (paid ones) and also solves the problem of why i moved in the first place. bc i was scared of people finding me on dayre bc i was pretty transparent about my life, probably way more than i should’ve been...

BUT THAT MEANS ALL THE POSTS HERE WILL BE GONE. wtf I really can’t win 老天爷饶了我吧

Day 101

Thursday, 11 Apr 2019

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