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went to mingyu cafe yestd for his birthday!!! i’ve come to a conclusion that everybody loves mingyu. it was so crowded that day, the most crowded i’ve ever seen in +82 so i just bought my drink, took pics and left 🤠 +82 always has random holes in their wall i’m guessing is chipped paint from taking out their wall deco so i clone tool-ed away

cel bb accompanied me hehe so happy. we can always talk for 2-3h at one go and it still won’t feel enough 🥺

did some cleaning yesterday and i was amazed at how much stuff i kept? i kept my first ever demi lovato concert ticket and i thought i lost it 😭 really nice to see how much i grew over the years. i didn’t know i religiously journaled from sec 1-3 but reading back i was so negative and i’m so glad i’m in a much better place now. funny to think i used to always think 2015-2016 were the best times of my life but the truth is i was only thinking about spexial. they made those years but thats it LOL

really goes to show how we always romanticize the past and it gives us the illusion that we were happier back then but in reality we are growing everyday!!! we progress so much yet we live in the illusion that we’re constantly miserable and “happier back then” but the truth is you’re always stronger than you were yesterday!

i was so siao onz eh.... IM SURE U GUYS KNEW IT ALR BUT I SURE DIDNT

went for a run at ecp and it was so pretty the view was 😍😍😍

i’m glad it’s become a weekly routine now. ecp is beautiful life is beautiful!!!

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Sunday, 7 Apr 2019

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