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my hotpot place serves ice cream now 🤤 yums

我覺得這樣吃法不行欸 肥死我了... I haven’t been exercising since intern started aka 3 weeks ago and I gained so much weight it’s insane my belly..😢 I’m just really scared people will start mentioning it. So please don’t even if you notice it. LOL.

Anyway the story of this xlb is really funny because we ordered xlb twice but the first time they forgot and second time it took forever so we were going to leave and one of the staffs asked if we still wanted it

But we were so damn full and we were going to pay alr so we declined and just paid and left. Then as we were outside my “friend”(more on that later) HAHAAHA RAN OUT AND ASKED US TO COME BACK bc the xlb were done so we went back in to eat the 2 xlb HAHAHA AND SAT DOWN SOMEMORE DAMN HOU LIAN PI PLZ.

then we went to Telok Ayer Street and Car Free Saturday was happening there which meant we could take pix on the road. Dude walking on the road feels damn good i 暗爽 bc it feels so free and no car can knock you down LOL

with the (yestd) bday girl hehe

and the flamingo balloon i bought her

the photos surprisingly look good eh. I’ve come to a conclusion that makeup more gao = better photos

plz dont mention my fats

kinda love this pic hehe vsco’d it to make it look like film. something i love doing nowadays

and this morning I reported at 7am at City Hall for Car-Free Sunday. Look at the sky!!!! So beautiful 🥰 Took this omw to the Padang!

more.... life is so beautiful!!!! 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

the expressway was car-free omg it was such a weird feeling

internship is fun

Day 90

Sunday, 31 Mar 2019

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