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$3 and onwards

miss my boy 😭😭😭

i used to have stalkers on dayre because of my exciting fangirl life. i presume, because it wasn’t as if my o level adventures were that interesting.

but sorry, ya girl 已经RP爆到不行了 I think i use finish alr cos my fanluck ain’t that great now

actually no, my fanluck is really good when it comes to eric nam LOL but he’s just a singer i like welp

i designed that banner!!!!! weeee

HELLO LEHLONG LEHLONG im selling some of my old bags they’re definitely not for picky people but im selling them for dirt cheap(haha punny) #dayreselling

i’m planning to keep these babies for only a month, and whatever i can’t clear i’m going to donate!!!

$3 bags: (IM NOT KIDDING)

btw i just wanna say all these bags are still in good condition and are just maybe a bit dirty??? i just have bad photography skills and the bags are all out of shape but tbh u cant tell anyway when u put stuff in it

anw im not rly desperate to clear but i just thought if anyone wanna get these off my hands im fine too!


not sure if i can even sell this?? LOLL

dis is by mango touch

this bag is in really good condition!!! just a tad out of shape ;A;

$3 each or $5 for both IM NOT ASKING FOR MUCH

it says moon child

$5 bags:

got it for free from laneige’s event. its a bit out of shape but brand new and straps are still binded w the paper thing.

brand new bag just a bit dirty

laptop case, its for 15” laptops and is a little dirty but quality is SUPERB

only letting this go bc my laptop is too smol

$8 bags (and others):

SUPERB QUALITY THIS IS RLY THE OG very big backpack and can fit so much shit its amazing i feel like doraemon with this bag but its too big for my lifestyle now lol

good quality and cute but not my style anymore

letting this go for $10 cos its in v good condition still and practically brand new

this was done by an artist from overseas!!! letting go for $15

Day 96

Saturday, 6 Apr 2019

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