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December 2017

I had so many friends who have entered the working world tell me to take a few months of break before working full time. That I would regret it if I plunged right into work.I am starting to get it now. I think I am at a stage where I want and maybe even need plenty of time for myself. Even though I'm just doing a part time internship, I still feel like it's taking time away from other things I wish to do.

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Omg one afternoon of shopping and I'm already tired af. Signs of growing old.Made an impromptu trip to town because I needed an outfit for a wedding lunch. Totally forgot that today is the last weekend before Christmas, holy shit. I hate crowds and maneuvering through the sea of people in town was so draining.

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Lol half of my digitize journey thus far has been waiting for emails 😂 I have obsessively refreshed my email to check for the acceptance/rejection letter, then the contract, then the networking event details and now the company allocation. Aaahhhhhh.Sometimes I think I am way too impatient and obsessive 😅

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Today on #EveTriesAdulting: the socially awkward turtle goes for a networking session.

Time to break out of my comfort zone and overcome my fears. Baby steps.

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Went for my first official gym session!!! #EveIsHealthy

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