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Mabuhay #bloggeratitraventure!

Mabuhay from Davao!!! 👋🏻

If you've followed us on our other platforms, you probably know by now that we're on a #bloggeratitraventure with 8 fellow Bloggeratis and they've all set a challenge for themselves for this trip!


What's an adventure travel without a challenge? 😉

So what's this #bloggeratitraventure we are talking about? It's actually a

Travel + Adventure = Traventure

Our trip here in Davao is one that's fun-filled with adventures - from the exhilarating sky activities to the thrilling water sports! We can't wait to share our traventure with you guys as we #visitdavao over the next few days 😁

If you've missed the challenge that they've challenged themselves, check out their IG accounts!!

Do also follow them on dayre for their daily adventures!

Keline: @urbandoll (@urbandollsg on IG)
Limaran: @limaranagustina
Shenny: @shennyyang
Juli: @bunbunmakeuptips
Clara: @explodingbelly (on IG)
Mongchin: @mongabong
Charlene: @charlenetan (@charlene22 on IG) Jason: @jasonjuliuslim

Checked in ✔️
Airport outfits ✔️
Adventure challenge set ✔️

And we're ready to begin this journey together!

Apologies on the disappearance 🙈, we were occupied earlier at the peak of the mountain which oversee the entire Davao city. There, many of us "challenged our heart & ourselves"!

Eden Nature Park🏞

We had a quick tour around the Eden Nature Park that's approximately 80-hectare wide😱 with peaceful surrounding (best for an unplugged life), that offers exciting activities that we've tried and also lodges for small groups to family cabins.

It's definitely a place to unplug and enjoy.

If you think Eden's all about adrenaline rush activities, fear not, you won't be disappointed with other less heart-challenging activities!

We briefly had a tour at their butterfly farm, where we learnt and understood about them and their mating habits, the sizes of the genders and other interesting fun facts!

Challenge 1: Sky-🚲

Truth be told, it was frightening!!

Especially for people who have fear for heights. Although it was 99.9% safe (unless final destination happens to happen on you), bicycles and human harnessed and secured to the steel cables, it was definitely still scary.

@mongabong looking great...just before the sky-cycling!

The power couple @limaranagustina & @jasonjuliuslim looking confident for the ride 🚲

But for the wasn't as easy as it seems! When you reached the middle of the course where the cables rock the most, it was pretty nerve-wrecking!

Despite their fears, @charlenetan @urbandoll and @shennyyang completed the Sky-Cycling 🚲! GOOD JOB GIRLS!

Challenge 2: SkyRider aka Ziplining

Because it glides you gently across the 200 metres long line, I think most of us would agree, it is less terrifying than the sky-cycling. In fact most of us were enjoying the views of Davao City and Gulf whilst zip-lining down!

@bunbunmakeuptips having an awesome time ziplining across the beautiful view at Eden 😍

Challenge 3: Sky-Swing

Whilst watching @mongabong having a go at the Sky-Swing, @limaranagustina said, "that's like sitting free falling Viking ship!"

We gotta agree with that! The initial drop was incredibly INSANE, that instant adrenaline rush we felt was indescribable! But right after the first drop, the swing was pretty manageable 😆!

Enough adrenaline pumping activities in a day?


Stay tuned to more of our #bloggeratitraventure(s) over the next few days😉

Yours socially,

Day 109

Monday, 18 Apr 2016

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chrislovee (avatar)

chrislovee I watch the video until my palms sweat 🙈😰😰😰

3 years ago

estherxie (avatar)

estherxie !!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱 the Cycling thing looks so cool though!

3 years ago

lianmeiting (avatar)

lianmeiting Ahhaha that scream

3 years ago

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