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Netccentric 10th Anniversary #welivesocial

Hallo everybody! We hope everyone's had a fabulous week. TGIF!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

It's been buzzing at the Nuffnang office since the last week and even before because of Netccentric's 10th birthday. For live updates for the day itself, check out @blog for more ☺️

The feels of celebration have yet to die down for us, receiving pictures and videos from the various individuals and teams in the company.

Without further ado, may I present the Netccentric #welivesocial party in visuals ☺️

The event space

It's been 10 good years in social media for Netccentric, with daughter companies Nuffnang, Churp Churp, Dayre, Nom Nom Media, ReelityTV and Ripplewerkz coming altogether to celebrate.

This was what the timeline looked a little like-

From the birth of Netccentric in 2006 and the first daughter company Nuffnang set up in 2007, to 2013 the birth of Dayre, where memories of this event can be now immortalized.

We've really come such a long way :')

The stickers on the goody bag says, "thanks for celebrating with us #welivesocial".

And truly it is exactly as it says. None of us would be at the party nor would we have crossed paths if not because of social (media) living.

So thank you, each and everyone of you who came by that day to join us in our celebrations ☺️

There was a social media wall where a number of us came and put our thoughts together. We were recorded on video which was played on loop the whole night, as well as had significant quotes pegged to each of our pictures.

The video was so meaningful because staff, Bloggeratis and Churp alphas came together to share their about how social media has made a difference in our lives.

We also had a Dayre wall, featuring profiles of selected Dayreans and a quote from each.

With a big part of sharing stories the key focus of the social media business, how could we miss having a Dayre wall?

Here is home grown talent @gilliansng with her own little feature. How very proud of you we are! ☺️

No event could really be complete without drinks to chill along to so a huge thank you to Chang Beer for sponsoring us for our anniversary party! Everyone loved it 😊

The photo booth stills

The photo booth portion was the first thing that greeted guests before they entered the event space, and many were excited to try it out!

It wasn't a regular photo booth with solely stills, but also slow motion videos which were super hilarious. More to come later but for now, the stills!

The talent team

People you see quite a bit of around! We're the people who manage the bloggers and churpers, as well and interact with the community when opportunities arise ✌🏻️

The advertising operations

All the unsung heroes who mostly are in office fighting battles over the computer and Internet. Tough work but these girls have never given up. Super amazing πŸ’«

The admin and finance team

The people who keep the rest of us worry free so that we are able to always focus on our own tasks and not be distracted by the nitty gritty. And also the guardians of our kaching every month πŸ˜πŸ’°

The sales team

The company is driven by these amazing people because a company can't sustain if there are no sales right? πŸ€“ There are so many of them fit into this frame it kinda looks like a class photo, doesn't it?

The team of Aroi Mak Mak with Wilbur ( @aroimakmak himself ) and his intern @kimikoshaz!

The earliest batch of influencers to the party! They had a lot of fun exploring the photo booth before everyone else had the opportunity to.

@swimpsj @missgoob @zoeraymondtan @shiberty @stopthepretence @brenwho

With the fabulous pregnant @missamandaleong in the center, everyone else ( @briannawonggg @cheyennechesney @juciachong @missgoob @audreyxaudrey @jocinaaa @yespleaseashley @sarahfam ) were happy to play a supporting role in the picture!

With our parenting bloggers @audt01 @daddychow @cheekiemonkies @sengkangbabies @thechillmom @nadnut together with finance blogger @sgbudgetbabe and talent manager @shortyminimad in a pic!

We love how the parenting community is always so supportive of each other and at one point in the party, we even caught them taking a selfie together. Super cute!

The beauties we have under our wing looking fabulous πŸ˜‰

@zoeraymondtan @yinagoh @shiberty @lianmeiting @mongabong

Even influencers from @nuffnangth came to join us in our celebrations. It's truly amazing how people from all over the world get to connect through social media ☺️

As the photo booth for the night was concluding before our Dayreans could take one altogether, we quickly took an unofficial one with the Boss himself.

Thanks for coming girls! @tieponytail @doubleoxm @onegirlonepot @butterball @chinadolllawya @charlottewangwang β˜ΊοΈπŸ™ŒπŸ»

The event hall

There was a lot of mingling going on between guests at the event, but we made sure to also keep the event hall exciting.

We had the pleasure of having local talents 53A perform two sets for us! They covered unique renditions of top hits that everyone really enjoyed and even sang along 😊

@ccharrmaine and @huienloi were super dedicated and did a Facebook live run of the entire event! For more, check out @netccentric's Facebook page for the videos 😌

@bossming addressed the audience in his speech of the vision of Netccentric in the coming days. The best is yet to be!

He also took the opportunity to recognize the work of @rebekatee, the superwoman behind the whole event, presenting her an exclusive Netccentric pin.

We also had a segment where we got everyone to whip out their cameras, use the fish eye lens in the goody bag and take a selfie with people around you. Yes, even strangers!

Great job @gaylenerva @enateo @societyofsnobs and Cee on rising up to the challenge!

But in terms of enthusiasm, none could beat everyone's favorite segment. What is it? The lucky draw of course!

Each category had one winner they each won a staycation at Fullerton Hotel.

And I present you the winners of the night:

Category 1: Staff

Congratulations @daney!

Category 2: Invited clients and guests

Congratulations Maylene!

Category 3: Influencers

Congratulations @cheyennechesney!

And of course, before we concluded the night, we had a picture of everyone in a shot. It's super amazing because you can actually zoom in and see everyone's faces! We absolutely love it.

The photo booth videos

The talent team and our acting chops πŸ˜‚

@ahmantha @yespleaseashley @iamselheng

Our super favourite of the night with @swimpsj werking it!!!

If you didn't click into the video before this picture, please do! It's our personal favourite video of the night. A lot can be told from this pic alone πŸ˜‚

If you already did, did you love it too?

53A having some fun too!!

And I shall conclude this posting with @bossming and @xiaxue sending love and confetti πŸ˜šπŸ’•

Thank you everyone for being part of our journey, no matter how big or how small. We wouldn't be what we are if not for every single one of you πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Yours Socially,

Day 246

Friday, 2 Sep 2016

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nuffnangth (avatar)

nuffnangth We totally loves every single detail at the event, esp a frost sticker on the mirror in restroom at Red Dot Design Museum! Such a nice event&thx for having us that night πŸ’™

2 years ago

nuffnangsg (avatar)

nuffnangsg @nuffnangth thank you for coming and we hope you guys had fun!! πŸ’• Hopefully more cross country events to come πŸ˜‰

2 years ago

sittingbeforeflowers (avatar)

sittingbeforeflowers Hi @nuffnangsg ! I would like to ask if there are internship opportunities for the month of December. I understand that the internship programme is usually 3-6 months long, but as my winter break is only 1 month long, I will not be able to commit to the entire duration. Thank you! 😊

2 years ago

nuffnangsg (avatar)

nuffnangsg @sittingbeforeflowers hello! Do send in your application to and we'll see if we can work something out! :)

2 years ago

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