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Nuffnang Churpmas Cook Off 😋🍴

We hope everyone's having a wonderful afternoon!

Its the last weekend before Christmas next week and as we all know this time of year is for merry making so what better way to do it over a hearty meal 😋

It's a joyful Saturday for us as we're gathered today for a very special #NuffnangChurpmas Christmas cook off at Culinary On 🍴

To celebrate the festive season, we are going to be preparing our very own 3 course meal FROM SCATCH!

We're here and waiting for everyone to arrive! 😊👋🏼

One of our first few guests is none other than @tayying_ 😄 Everyone's miggling around while waiting for the cook off to begin

Before the real cooking commences, we have some yummy finger food first

The stage is prepared for our budding chefs to start cooking. Any guesses what's on the menu this afternoon?

Our menu today! Is your tummy rumbling already, ours sure are 😄

Let's get started!

More master chefs of the day @stopthepretence @charlenetan @frappecal 🍴

@brenwho versus the tuna 🐟 Our head chef just praised her for doing a good job at slicing 👍🏼

We have here @xiaxue and @mongabong slicing the tuna for our tuna tatare 🐟 Looking good everyone! 💁🏻

@nadnut plating the tuna tatare now, our appetiser is almost ready

@valerielim who's having fun plating her appetiser as well

Nothing like some friendly competition to get everyone to do their best 💪🏼

@frappecal doing well with his master piece 👌🏼

@audt01's floral appetiser 🌺

Our head chef picking out the winners for the plating competition. Everyone put on a good fight 💪🏼

Drumroll please.........

And we have a winner!!!

Congratulations @charlenetan! 👏🏼

With the rest of the runner ups as well @xiaxue @thechillmom @charlenetan @nadnut @frappecal @valerietan

Everyone did really well in the plating competition 🎉

We're moving onto our next course which is...

Our main course and dessert ! We're making ginger bread cookies today yummy 🍪🍪

With the lovely @constancelau as our assistant 💁🏻

Always got time for a cheeky picture 😉 @nadnut @sgbudgetbabe @bunbunmakeuptips

Santarina @brenwho preparing our cappelletti 🍝

Handmade pasta coming right up!

Ginger bread cookie yay!!

@stopthepretence and @tayying_ enjoying the fruits (or food? 😏) of their labour

For our grand finale 🌟 and some say the favourite dish for tonight...

Italian gelato made from scratch, woohoo 🍨 Here, we have liquid nitrogen to solidify the mixture 😊

@pattyinnit is the best whisker in the house as she was able to whisk the gelato mixture without it dripping off the bowl 🏆

As well as the group with the best cappelacci 🍝 Kudos to you @thechillmom @audt01 @tayying_ @swimpsj

That's a wrap, folks! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves today, and thank you for spending your Saturday with us 😊

It was a wonderful time spent together, bonding over food. Christmas is definitely a time to catch up with old friends and also to meet new friends! 😘

Remember, our Pigeon Christmas giveaway is still happening so do check out our last post for more details on how to win!

From all of us to you, have a holly jolly Christmas! 🎄

Yours socially,

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Saturday, 17 Dec 2016

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