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Kamusta ("hello" in tagalog) from the land of adventure! 👋🏻

Fun fact: There are some 120 to 175 languages in the Philippines, depending on the method of classification. This is not including the dialects across the country 😱

We checked out from our first hotel was ready to move out for a day of aqua-adventure 🌊!

An hour ferry ride from the Davao City to Samal Island gave us some time for photo-taking, as our #bloggerati were all decked in their lovely beachwear & beachwear (thank you, billabong!), all beach ready for the water activities 😍

@charlenetan @shennyyang @urbandoll feeling all pumped up 💪🏻!

@bunbunmakeuptips @mongabong starting it off with a selfie and vlog 😉.




Taklobo Giant Clam Tour

Snorkelling down under to see the amazing giant clams of Samal Island was quite in incredible experience 🏝.

The Giant Clam Sanctuary on Samal Island is an ongoing conservation Eco-Tourism Project which aims to promote biodiversity preservation, education, tourism & livelihood.

And the best thing about snorkelling in Samal Island at Davao is that the area is not as commercialised and crowded as compared to the other famous islands!

At the same time, Jason & Limaran found some starfish buddies 🌟!

You'd be able to get up close and personal with the giant clams (which is as huge or bigger than a car tyre!!), without having interruption from the rest of the tourists!

Nature's beauty at its best, indeed 😍

Maxima Aquafun - Giant Water Slide

A 40m long slide that drops you off right in the sea, WHY NOT? We had a go at the giant water slide at Maxima Aquafun Adventures!

It was an exhilarating ride down, with the wind in our faces and the sight of the big sea right in front of us.

Some of us had first-hand experience of sea water gushing right up our nose right as we plunged into the sea 🙊

@bunbunmakeuptips was really excited to try this experience!

A tip for first-timers:
Just pinch your nose when you're halfway down the slide (to avoid having water gushed up your nose) so as to enjoy the ride as much as we did ✌🏻️

There goes another adventurous day for us today, we sure had a fun time trying out just some of the water activities that Davao offers!

We'll be back tomorrow for some yummilicious food updates that we've had through the trip! 👋🏻

Yours socially,

Day 110

Tuesday, 19 Apr 2016

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yeomabel (avatar)

yeomabel Omg looks so fun! And the starfishes are so pretty!!

2 years ago

wentoh (avatar)

wentoh Wa so fun!!!! 😍😍

2 years ago

iceghurl (avatar)

iceghurl super cool and looks super fun!!! sidetrack: a lecturer just mentioned .. now we don't call them starfish anymore.. they're not classified under fish.. so they're known as sea star!

2 years ago

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