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Father's Day Gift Guide

May have swept by us so fast that we barely had time to take a breather. So much so that we have been neglecting this space for a little while. Guilty as charged!

But as we enter mid-June, we get closer to the special day in which we celebrate our fathers.

I think it’s safe to say that we often show our gratitude towards our mothers (at least more publicly) as compared to our fathers. Our mums being the one that gave birth to us, tending to our daily needs, showering us with love and affection. Not denying or diminishing all our mothers did for us, but it’s time we show some love for our fathers as well.

Fathers are the first role model for all of us since we were young. He is the one to protect and provide for the family, while making sure everyone is safe and sound. Fathers are the ones who are the silent support of the family. He oversees that everyone and everything is going okay. Many dads are not as outspoken with showing their affection towards their children. But we all know, that deep down, they love us unconditionally.

In the spirit of the upcoming Fathers’ day, we came up with a quick gift guide for you if you are not sure what to get for that special man in your life.

1. Cook him a meal

We all know that a way to a man’s heart is through his belly, this is no exception to our dads. To celebrate them working hard each day to provide for us, cooking him a nice meal would be a nice way to thank them.

Look at this lamb shank that @kimberzilla cooked for her family! Head over to her dayre or blog for more yummy and healthy recipes.

Or for something even more cheesy, you can opt to shower you father with this heart-shaped ravioli dish. Get the recipe from @babysumo’s dayre!

2. Gadgets

Have you heard of the saying in which boys will always be boys? Even our serious and stern dads have a playful or geeky side to them. Help them fulfill their childhood dreams by presenting them tech gadgets that you know they have been eyeing, but “tak sanggup” spend on themselves.

Just like how @timtiah enjoys playing with his drone, you could get your dad the gadget of his dreams and see his surprised look when he receives it.

3. Clothes

Many guys dread shopping as much as having a tooth pull out. Especially if your dads are always very busy, getting them good quality clothes can actually be a good and practical present.

Only if your dad is as cool as @shaolintiger who enjoys shopping, then leave this out of your potential gifts :p

Look how fashionable Han’s daddy, @jofliam is!

If your dad is more adventurous, you can get him a statement jacket, but if your dad is more low-key and practical, a few good shirts and t-shirts would save him time and effort to survive through shopping in crowded malls. (Just make sure you snoop around to get his size right!)

And there you go! A few general and foolproof father’s day gifts to show your gratitude and love. However, it is also important to remember to appreciate our fathers (and mothers, and all our loved ones) everyday, and remind them how much you love them not only on special occasions, but rather, as often as you can.

Sending our love to all Fathers out there! Happy early Father's’ day!


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