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March-ing back to school

After the excitement and fun of the school holidays, children often go through a hard time going back to school.

Don’t lie, but we have all been there. When your most dreaded alarm clock rings, and you have to get ready for a full day of school, tuition classes, and worst of all, homework, it just seems awful. Ughh.

If your children or younger siblings are going through a tough time to get back to school, here’s what you can do to help them out, and be more motivated to March right back to the schooling routine (pun totally intended)!

1. Breakfast for champions

A good way to motivate children to wake up early is none other than a yummy and nutritious breakfast. From cereal to toast and eggs, the choices for breakfast are limitless. You can even get creative by preparing them a breakfast box to bring to school and share it with their friends.

Here is a very creative and yummy looking breakfast box prepared by our nuffnang blogger, Pink Stilettos. Head over to her blog to see more bento boxes she created together with her children!

2. Celebrate Small Achievements

After school holidays, sometimes children tend to lose the excitement for school altogether. A great way to get them pumped up for school is by focusing on their achievements.

Lend them an ear when they talk about their teachers and classmates, celebrate their small achievements like getting a good grade for their test, or even finishing up their homework in school. These little encouragement will help them enjoy the school routine better.

3. Cute stationeries

If you want to treat your little ones for working hard in school, you can get them super cute stationery that will make them excited to attend classes or do their homework. Here a few inspirational items we saw that we will definitely want to use if we were still in school (or perhaps we shall just use it even if it means we are way over-aged for it :p ).

Cute notebooks that are helpful to jot down notes and reminders

You can get these cute notebooks at Ikea, Malaysia

Space and Mermaid backpacks from Smiggle Malaysia. Look at how cute and dreamy these bags are! If only I was still 12…….

Hope these little tips can help the little ones feel much more motivated to go to school after the school holidays. We hope you too, feel a little more inspired to cheer them on as they go back to the good ol’ school routine.

Happy back to school, kiddos!

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Monday, 3 Apr 2017

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