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Netccentric Out Of Office: The Legendary Teambuilding

It has been a legendary tale brought to the people of Netccentric Malaysia by the courageous warrior, no other than @whatisaiahsaw, of his weekday nights and weekend adventures of battling through the angry waves (okay not really) of Marina Putrajaya with his dragon boat comrades.

It has become quite a routine for his deskmates to hear him grunt in pain as he has to survive through his Monday morning with body aches, courtesy of his boat paddling endeavours.

Hence, when we received a letter brought to us by our trusty Churp Churp bird (not sure if he can fetch letters like an owl, but let’s just say he does), regarding our next teambuilding event in Marina Putrajaya, we had our suspicions.

Could it be, that our HR are scheming for us to be deployed to the waters, as our job performance have not been on par?

Nobody knows… All we could do was to submit to authority and do as we were told. 😐

We packed our belongings and brace the inevitable doom of being transported away from the hustle and bustle of the city….

And we were supposed to survive on this, and this alone….. 🍌🍌🍌

Look at the faces of @kausern and @khai26, how contradictory… in whom shall we trust?

Probably this one, as he continues to promote his bananas on the bus…..

@khai26, the Banana pusher. 🍌

Throughout the hour long bus rides, sparks started to fly between @jialoon and our newest nuffie @jasonlcn, causing @ryanqhung to feel very threatened (he is very protective of his bromance partner @jialoonow)....

Early morning already so much drama has happened..

We can only brace ourselves for what was coming next.

Upon arrival of the destination, all of us were in awe of how peaceful and beautiful the place was..

On second thought, maybe our HR actually brought us all the way here to get our minds off sales numbers and campaign briefs, and enjoy the lush greenery and calm waters, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Maybe they love us after all and everything was going to be okay…

Just like all war preparations, we need to be clear of our strategies and learn all there is to learn about the battle.

The team at Marina Putrajaya gave us a crash course on the basics of dragon boating.

Look how attentive we all were. Pretty good students huh? 😉

Warming up to prep our bodies to become warriors just like our role model @whatisaiahsaw....

When we grow up, we want to be strong and brave like the warrior @whatisaiahsaw !

After our warmups and water confidence (where basically we just get into the water, wet ourselves and come up), we were separated into two different groups and got ready for the battle of our lifetime.


getting their game on…

Team Paddle Pop Pop will not be defeated as well…..

ARE YOU READY KIDS? (aye aye captain!)



Posers and vainpots everywhere....

Look at this @susanyg and @meiyan_1998.. People are trying to prep for war, they are posing. @nicolevalerie too!

Tsk tsk tsk…..

The seriousness on @rebeccakieww's face says it all… but we are not so sure about @ryanqhung though..

“Row Row Row your boat, gently down the stream!"

Being in the boat on the waters is incredibly exhilarating. As a member of Team Paddle Pop Pop, I can say that we were very competitive.

But as @rebeccakieww's famous quote goes…
“Kalah tak apa, pentingnya ada gaya!”

Everyone paddled with all their might, to the beat of the drums, using muscles we have not used in this lifetime, taking out energy that has been in hibernation for the past few years.

We paddle through the waters, battling the wind and the roar of the waves (or more like ripples of the water), with only the goal to go further and faster to reach the destination.

The winner of this race was……

PADDLE POP POP! Woohooo! Congratulations! 🎊🎉🎊🎉

But ultimately, we all knew all of us were winners on that day, because we braved the waters and fought our fears altogether!

It was an amazing experience and we are indeed grateful to be able to share it with each other.

And like every awesome outing we have, we ended the day with yummy food to fill our starving tummies.

It was indeed a wonderful experience for all of us to be able to try this sport for the first time together with the Netccentric Malaysia team. Just as @whatisaiahsaw shared, dragon boat is a team sport with no star players, and no team member is more important than the others.

From this teambuilding session, we learned that every single member needs to put in their best efforts, cheer each other on through the journey, and go full force towards the same goal.

Thank you, to our awesome HR @pennywongpy19 and @khai26, as well as our intern @meiyan_1998 for arranging this for us! You guys never fail to take great care of us! So much love! <3

Second half of 2017, we are ready for you! Let’s do this! For those of you who are reading this, all the best too! Let’s make this half of the year even more awesome!


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Monday, 17 Jul 2017

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